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November 26, 2022

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale – SOLD!!

This rare Iso Rivolta GT has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way from Florida to Germany!

Congratulations to buyer and seller.


1964 Iso Rivolta GT For Sale – Now Sold!!

This is a running Iso Rivolta GT IR 300 restoration project that has a solid body but some rust on the frame as described below and shown in the photos. The seller intended to restore this Iso Rivolta GT but due to health issues has decided to sell it instead.

This is an opportunity to acquire a rare Iso Rivolta GT and do the restoration to your taste.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Chassis number: IR 350 167

Exterior color: Red

Interior color: Burgundy

Engine: 327 Corvette

Odometer: approximately 37,000 miles

Title: Clear Florida title

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Condition Summary

1. Engine idles fine but almost stalls under acceleration. Once it gets past that drop it runs fine throughout the RPM band. The engine needs to be tuned and the acceleration lurch makes it a bit tricky to drive. There may be minor exhaust leaks on both sides.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

2. The right front member of the engine subframe is rusted through on the bottom. That is the only place on the car known to have serious rust issues.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

3. Interior lights, heater fans and AC do not work. The AC compressor was disconnected when the seller received the car. When connected it as a test it does not engage. The rear AC vents are not installed but do come with the car.

4. The drivers side door latch does not fully engage so the cam will not turn far enough to release the door. It opens fine from the inside.

5. The top of the dash needs to be reset, currently the lip that locks it into place is popped up.

6. The passenger side armrest has a tear on the stitching and the rear panel behind the rear seats (under the rear window) is ripped across the width of the car. The carpeting is very bare.

7. The original wire wheels (not shown) are painted and in rough shape but they are present.

8. The passenger side window does not work.

9. The body is very straight and the paint job is fresh and pretty good. The underside is moderately clean and free of anything more then surface rust with the major exception of item #2 above.

10. The car shifts well and the brakes work fine though they need an inspection.

11. The lights, turn signals and wipers work. The fog lights are stored in the trunk.

12. The interior is very aged but most of it isn’t destroyed or beyond salvage.

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

13. The currently mounted wire wheels are in very good shape.

14. The headliner looks pristine.

15. Once past the acceleration drop issue, the car runs and rides smoothly.


More images are in the slide shows below.





Engine Bay




Iso Rivolta Brochure

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  1. Amazing story. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Pip Hudson says

    What a beautiful and underrated classic. Reminiscent in styling terms of the Maserati México? In my eyes anyway!

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