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June 22, 2024

Rare Classic Cars – A Short Video – Rare Birds No. 1

by Mike –

Below is a 3:14 short video featuring a few rare cars that we do not see everyday or Rare Birds as I like to call them. This is Rare Birds No. 1 and I plan to produce more in this series.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Watch the video on full screen, click on the arrows to the left of ‘Vimeo’ in the lower right corner and then click the play triangle in the lower left corner. Be sure the sound is on.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Iso Rivolta Grifo A3/C

Rare Classic Cars - A Short Video - Rare Birds No. 1
Article Name
Rare Classic Cars - A Short Video - Rare Birds No. 1
A short video showing some rare cars that we do not see everyday.


  1. Wayne Watkins says

    Brilliant video Mike and nice to see you’ve included an Aussie design from Holden . Unfortunately the Aussie car industry is no more as Holden pulled out just after Ford . My choice has to be your first car in this video , the white Iso Griffo with that intoxicating sound .

    • Wayne,

      You have good taste in cars. This is Iso A3/C Chassis No. B0202 – the second one made. It has period race history and is known in the Iso/Bizzarrini world as the Sebring car because it raced at Sebring back in the day. Here are more photos.

  2. Another photo of Iso A3/C Chassis No. B0202.

  3. Here is a short video of me driving my Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada on the same day as the video of the Iso A3/C – the Strada has mufflers but still sounds way cool.

  4. Might be fun to do some of the etceterini as well, some of the swoopy small engine exotics as they too are rare and quire seldom seen… Nardi’s, Ermini, Bandini some of the special bodied Fiats Abarths etc…

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