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February 24, 2024

How To Get The Best Trade-In Value for Your Car

If you want to change your car, you may be able to save money by trading in your old vehicle and it is easier than the alternatives. But the dealer offered you a ridiculously low trade-in value? Well you can trade a car in for as much as 50% of the car’s value when it was new.

How to do that? First, let’s see what counts towards the value of a car when you trade it in.

Factors Contributing To the Trade-In Value of a Car

When you trade a car in, it can be used for one of two purposes. It can be dismantled and any usable part can be salvaged, or it can be sold as a second-hand car. If your car is destined for death, the things that influence its value are:

– How old the car is.

– How many of the parts are usable.

– What is the demand for the parts of your car’s model?

– The availability of the parts of your car in the market.

Clearly, there is nothing much you can do about improving the trade-in value of a parts car.

However, you have a better chance of getting a good value on your car that can be sold as a second-hand car. Here are some things that determine the trade-in value of a car that is not destined for the junkyard:

– The age of the car.

– The mileage.

– How desirable the car is.

– The condition of the car.

– The availability of the parts of the car.

– Any special features/modifications that the car might have.

Now that we have an understanding of what increases (or decreases) the trade-in value of a car, let’s see how, according to Gettacar, you can get the best trade-in value on your car.

Tips for Getting the Best Trade-In Value for a Car

The concept is simple, be patient and present your car the best way you can. Here are some points to guide your way.

1. Get an Idea of the Value of Your Car

You cannot sell anything at a good price if you don’t know how much it’s worth. Go to car dealerships and online platforms to get an idea of the market value of your car. Once you know the value of your car you’ll be in a good position to bargain for a better price.

2. Be Patient

Whether you are selling your car for parts or as a usable secondhand car, you need to be cool. If you get desperate about it, your chances of getting a good trade-in value will decrease dramatically.

The dealers have a keen eye when it comes to sellers and buyers. If they get the idea that you are eager to sell the car they’ll offer you less money. Take your time and play it cool to get the best trade-in value of your car.

3. Visit Multiple Dealers

Never settle on the price offered by a single dealer when trading in your car. Visit at least three different dealers and see who offers the best price. This is important because every dealer has their own terms and conditions for buying old cars. You need to find the one that offers the best deal on the car you are selling.

4. Consider Online Options

It is now possible to trade-in your car and get a new one right from your couch. There are a lot of online forums where you can trade-in second-hand your car in just a few clicks. This method can save the time and energy you’ll need to take the car to multiple local dealers.

However, you need to make sure that you are doing business with a legit website. There are fraudulent websites out there and there’s a chance of falling for one and losing your car and money.

As a general principle, if the price is too good to be true, steer clear of it.

5. Get Your Car in A Good Shape

Unarguably, the most important factor in determining the trade-in value of a car is the car itself. If you want to get the best value for your car, it needs to be in good shape. The things that you need to take care of include but are not limited to:
Get the car fully cleaned including the interior, the exterior, and the engine bay.
If there are dents or scratches on the body of the car get them fixed. Rectify any engine or suspension related issues with the car (unless you are trading your vehicle in as a parts car).

Get all the paperwork of the car including the ownership record, vehicle history report, and other important things in order.

If the car came with any accessories like a spare wheel, jack, or tool kit, gather them and place them where they belong in the car.

Make sure that no warning lights in the car have been turned on. If any light is on, get it fixed before going to a dealership for a trade-in.

6. Check With the Manufacturer

If you are looking to upgrade to the next generation of the same car or another car from the same manufacturer, you can get the best trade-in value for your car if the manufacturer offers second-hand sales services, consider their offer.

Old cars can be a source of that little extra money that you may need. If you follow the tips given here, chances are that you can get a better deal on your used car. The key is to be patient, consider multiple options and get your car and its paperwork in good shape and you’ll get the best value for your car.

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How To Get The Best Trade-In Value for Your Car
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How To Get The Best Trade-In Value for Your Car
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