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March 3, 2024

Motorcycle Accidents Can Be More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

Riding a motorcycle may feel like a wonderful adventure, giving you the freedom to move as freely as you want. However, motorcycles also have a dangerous side, making their riders more prone to be in an accident and suffer severe injuries. Because the motorcyclist is so vulnerable since there are no doors or roof to offer protection, crashes involving motorcycles tend to be much more serious than those where only cars are involved.

Several reasons make motorcycles more dangerous for their riders. Among them:

Cars Offer More Protection

Not only do cars offer passengers a solid structure all around them but cars are also equipped with seatbelts and airbags that can keep people inside them more protected.

Riders Have Less Control Over Their Bikes

Hitting a street sign or a road marker can have a significant impact on a motorcycle rider. And when the rider is startled, they can easily lose control due to the bike’s much more sensitive steering.

Problems with The Brakes

Even if you constantly check out your motorcycle’s brakes, applying them suddenly when facing a potential issue may make the motorcycle easily spin out of control.

Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be quite spectacular. As a rider, you may be thrown off, your body might twist into unimaginable positions, and the damage to your skin, bones, and internal organs may have long-lasting consequences for you and for the quality of your life.

Here are just some of the injuries people may suffer after being in a motorcycle accident:

● Dental injuries, such as cracked or loosened teeth and damage to the joints in the jaw.

● Lacerations that may be deep and become infected.

● Damage to internal organs, including bruising, crushing, or bleeding.

Traumatic brain injury in many cases due to not wearing a helmet. In any case, this type of injury can have long-lasting consequences that may have the victim in constant need of medical care.

● Bone fractures in legs and arms which in extreme cases result in amputations.

● Spinal cord injuries that may lead the injured person to become paraplegic or quadriplegic.

● Road rash as a result of skin being scraped off against the pavement. This may be quite painful and take a long time to heal, and require skin grafts in some cases.

● Facial fractures and disfigurement not only destroy the victim’s quality of life but may require several surgeries to correct and ongoing medical treatment.

Although many of these injuries are impossible to ignore and will receive immediate medical attention, others, such as damage to internal organs, may not show outward signs right away. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial that you get yourself checked out by a healthcare professional as soon as possible. You may find out you have suffered injuries that require long-term or assisted care, injuries that will have you dealing with pain and making your life uncomfortable for a long time, if not forever.

Review Your Legal Options

If you have lost a friend or a loved one in a motorcycle accident or if you are suffering the consequences of being in one, it is important to consider your legal options to get the compensation you deserve. Click here to find out more about your legal rights after a motorcycle accident.


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Motorcycle Accidents Can Be More Dangerous Than Car Accidents
Article Name
Motorcycle Accidents Can Be More Dangerous Than Car Accidents
If you have been in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial that you get yourself checked out by a healthcare professional as soon as possible.


  1. wallace wyss says

    I have only ridden (driven) a motorcycle once, a BMW, But after the first turn I got off and never rode one again. It mystifies me how they are legal in that they defy the DOT/ NHTSA regulations for cars. It is akin to passing law that would forbid carrying s pistol in concealment but at the same time saying ” if you want to carry a fully automatic machine gun on your back go right ahead.”

    -no seat belts
    -no air bags
    -no crash absorption capability (other than the bodies of the riders protecting the bike).

  2. You both are starting to sound like my mom ? I believe most of your followers are well informed about the inherent dangers of motorcycles. Now if you really want to make a impact regarding this subject, develop a presentation directed towards elementary school children.

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