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February 2, 2023

A Guide to Diagnosis And Repair Of Your Fuel System

The fuel system is the general name for the devices in a car responsible for supplying fuel to the engine. Any problems affects the engine’s operation, increases its wear, and reduces the efficiency of the car.

It is essential to promptly carry out diagnostics and repairs of the fuel system, which Fuel Fixer can perform.

Signs Of Fuel System Problems

• problems with starting the engine or it does not start at all;
• decrease in engine power, issues with a set of the number of revolutions;
• malfunctions of the engine;
• power failure with a sharp gas supply;
• the appearance of errors with the corresponding codes;
• the increased fuel consumption or its smell in the cabin or traces of leaks under the car.

Causes Of Breakdowns

The fuel system contains many components, and problems with each of them can lead to the above problems.

The most common failure is associated with the following reasons:

• low-quality fuel;
• ingress of dirt and moisture into the tank;
• clogging of individual elements of the fuel system (filters, nozzles, pipelines, pumps);
• problems with the drain pipeline;
• pump wear;
• violation of the tightness of the system;
• failure or incorrect operation of sensors (FLS, DC, DMRV) and so on.

Fuel System Diagnostic Steps

The type of engine determines the specific list of works. In general, diagnostics at a service station includes the following steps:

• monitoring the operation of the fuel pump, the condition of filters, and the level of fuel pressure in the system;
• determination of the performance of spark plugs;
• check injectors

Additionally, computer diagnostics are carried out, allowing evaluating the basic parameters of the car, “read” the error code, which helps to determine the direction of further searches for the problem.

After identifying the source of problems, the volume and cost of repairing the fuel system are determined, varying over a very wide range.

In the simplest cases, an unscheduled replacement of the fuel filter is sufficient. In more severe cases, cleaning or replacing the injectors with the subsequent tuning of the injection system will be required.

How To Extend Fuel System Life

To prevent problems with the fuel supply and injection system, in most cases, it is sufficient to observe the following rules:

• refuel only with high-quality fuel that does not contain water and sulfur;
• from time to time, add additives to the fuel that displace moisture and clean the entire system;
• change filters, spark plugs, and injectors regularly.
Compliance with these rules is sufficient to maintain the fuel system in working order and ensure the car’s reliability, the durability of the engine.


If you have reasons to suspect malfunctions, then fuel specialists can carry out all the work on diagnostics and repair of the fuel system. They can carry out any work during the repair of the fuel system, including coding and adjusting the pump injectors, restoring wells in the cylinder head, replacing the injection pump, allowing them to solve any degree of complexity.

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