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June 23, 2024

Three Ways to Save Your Motorbike From Theft

When purchasing any motor vehicle you must think twice about maintenance and keeping it safe. Where will you store your vehicle and how will you safeguard it from thieves, are just some of the questions you’ll need to think about before the big purchase.

However, I’ve gathered up three of the best ways to save your motorbike from thieves, so that you can have an action plan set in place from the very first day of owning a new bike. Let’s jump right in.

GPS intelligent tracker

Over the last few years, GPS trackers have become a big hit amongst the motorbike community. They offer high-quality and discrete security solutions for any bike (model) out there. So, if you’re planning on buying a motorcycle, Whether it’s new or pre-owned, you may want to think about installing a GPS tracker to ensure that you have a decent chance of recovering it. You should also check out American Motorcycle Trading Co for quality used motorbikes to ensure you don’t end up with stolen goods if you’re planning to buy a pre-owned one.

GPS trackers work in a pretty simple manner. When purchasing a tracker for motorcycles with GPS you’ll receive a small and handy wireless tracker, a key fob, and will also have the ability to sync it with the app in your smartphone.

Firstly, you’ll want to sync the device with your smartphone and configure some of the main settings to your liking. Once the app is up and running, and your device is synced with your phone you can start to place the tracker on your bike.

You’ll have the chance to place the tracker anywhere on your bike with the help of a few zip locks. Better to place it in a discrete place away from any engine parts that heat up quickly.

Next, attach the key fob to your key set. The key fob is a comfortable size, designed to not overload your existing key set. This key fob is linked to your tracker and can sense when your bike is in range distance. If your key fob is away from your bike, and any suspicious movement is detected, you’ll immediately receive a phone call or text notification to your smartphone. This instant alert allows you to always be aware of any potential threats and act fast if unauthorized movement is detected.

This security device is modern, comfortable, and easy to use and also comes at a rather reasonable price.

Disc locks

Disc locks have been also proven to work in terms of extra motorbike security. They are portable and easy to place on most brake discs.

Just do not forget to place and remove the disc locks every time you either want to use or park your motorbike. You can also get a version of the regular disc lock that has an integrated alarm system.

Disc locks prevent the bike from moving in any direction and make it that much harder for thieves to steal.

Chains and padlocks

Another alternative would be to use a hefty padlock or chain to secure your bike. Just make sure the chain you are using is heavy and does not break easily.

Another tip would be to install a ground anchor in your local parking spot to make sure you have that extra bit of protection. Ground anchors are bolted into the ground and can have chain locks wrapped around it so that thieves have a harder time moving your bike during a burglary.

If possible, try not to leave your padlock laying on the ground as that just makes it easier for thieves to break them.

It’s extremely important to secure your bike wherever you may be. A GPS tracker is one of the most modern ways to prevent bike theft, and other security options can be integrated for layered protection.

So be sure to choose at least one of the three recommended security options and enjoy hassle-free motorbike ownership.

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