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January 30, 2023

Do You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen anytime, and such occurrences may negatively impact your life for a long time. Not only will you suffer physically from injuries, but you may also have to deal with financial problems related to the collision. You’ll be spending on your medical treatment, missing days of work, and the like.

While you can try to get compensation from insurance claims, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be successful in doing so. That’s why you it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a seasoned car accident lawyer. If you’re still on the fence about hiring one, keep reading to discover some of the reasons you’ll need a legal professional on your side should you get in a car crash.

1. To Have Someone Work On Your Behalf

Insurance claims can get complicated. Filing for them can take much of your time and effort, and this may compromise your treatment for injuries, which are among the many effects of car accident. However, if you hire a lawyer, they’ll take on that task on your behalf.

Car accident lawyers know the ins and outs of an accident claim, making it easier for them to deal with such. They’ll be responsible for gathering documents like lost wage information, medical bills and records, witness statements, and police reports. These documents are all essential to prove your claim.

Your lawyer can organize and strengthen the existing evidence to ensure you’ll be properly compensated. They’ll also know the right tactics to apply for every negotiation so you can get the amount of compensation you deserve. In addition, they’ll be the ones to accomplish the required paperwork to file a case on your behalf if you and the insurance provider can’t settle your claim.

If you do everything on your own, you may not handle things correctly since you’re likely not as knowledgeable about how insurance claims work. Instead of stressing yourself out, let a car accident lawyer take care of such tedious tasks for you.

2. To Comply With Legal Deadlines

Since car accident claims have a statute of limitations, car accident lawyers will ensure you meet that legal deadline. While the time frame varies per state, the standard statute of limitations for car accident claims is two years. This means that you must file your case within two years from the date the collision occurred.

Another deadline you must comply with is reporting the accident to the insurer as soon as possible. This means that the earlier you notify the insurance companies, the higher the chances that you’ll receive compensation. Car accident lawyers know this, so they’ll help you reach out to the insurers involved.

If you’re unaware of these deadlines, you may miss your chance of getting compensation or winning your case.

3. To Prove Liabilities

One of the reasons winning a claim can be a struggle is due to your inability to prove that the other party caused the car accident. You have the right to compensation if you’ve been injured during a car crash, especially if it’s not your fault.

By working with car accident lawyers, you can avoid being blamed for the auto collision. Instead, they’ll prove who’s at fault for what happened. They’ll use the evidence they’ve gathered to create a strong argument to determine the liable party.

Doing this by yourself may be a difficult task. But car accident lawyers have the resources and skills to gather evidence quickly and use it to your advantage.

4. To Use The Applicable Laws

Most importantly, attorneys have closely studied the laws related to car accidents. As a result, they know various options to pursue your claim. While you may be able to read about such laws, it’s often better to leave them to experts. Laws can be tricky to interpret, so you won’t be able to make the most of them if you don’t understand them in the first place.

Since car accident lawyers have a full grasp of the law, they can help you win your case. Their knowledge would help them identify the negligent party. And in case you’re the one who’s at fault, they can still use what they know to defend you.

Moreover, lawyers are up-to-date on changes in the laws. What you might’ve been aware of before could be different today, so you may not be able to apply it to your case. In contrast, a lawyer would know which ones can be utilized to build your case.


You don’t have to suffer more than you already have after getting into a car accident. Let legal experts help you so you can take the rest your body needs. As mentioned, a lawyer will work on your behalf so you wouldn’t have to worry about paperwork, evidence, and legalities. What’s even better is that most attorneys only get paid when they’re able to win your case. This means you don’t have to think about the cost of hiring one right away.


Photo by Stephan Streuders on Pexels.
Do You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?
Article Name
Do You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?
You don't have to suffer more than you already have after getting into a car accident. Let legal experts help you so you can take the rest your body needs.

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