My Car Quest

May 30, 2024

Making Your Wheels the Starring Player When Proposing

Cars have played a major role in so many on-screen romances. From Grease to True Romance, Twilight to Notting Hill, vehicles have been the perfect setting for couples to bond, declare their love and (in Sandy and Danny’s case in Grease) have a lover’s spat and make up afterwards. If you and your partner have spent many romantic moments in your car gazing at the stars, stopping for a deep and meaningful talk, or taking road trips, you may want to make this vehicle a part of your proposal. Read on to discover inspirational ways to do so.

Treasure Hunt on Wheels

Get your lover excited about finding their engagement ring by taking part in a car-powered treasure hunt. Leave your first clue on the steering wheel and have them drive to scenic spots that have been backdrops to some of your most meaningful moments. Leave the same visible symbol that will direct them to the next clue. Make sure you are waiting for them at the last spot, ready to get down on bended knee with a bouquet of flowers, a glass of Champagne, and of course, a beautiful engagement ring in your hands.

Driving to a Countryside Spa and Vineyard

If you and your lover share a passion for road trips, tell them to wear something glam to your next stop—a romantic lunch in a vineyard or winery, passing through a relaxing spa first. Doing so is a great way to make sure your skin is glowing and well hydrated for your proposal photographs. If you are into beauty, then you probably know that simple, unaffected looks are in, with many couples opting for natural beauty styles on their wedding day. There are many keys to achieving a simple but stylish look. These include prioritizing good skin, opting for nude makeup palettes, and wearing hair in simple styles like buns, ponytails, or wavy, windswept styles. Think about these tips when getting ready for your proposal, too.

Flashmob at the Drive-Thru

On a seemingly typical Saturday night, suggest a drive-thru date to your partner. If possible, rent out the drive-thru for one film session, so you and your friends and loved ones can surprise your future fiancée with a choreographed routine. Start out by playing a few of your partner’s favorite songs, then leave the car “to go buy a snack” and return with the others and start performing your pre-rehearsed flashmob choreography. If you aren’t much of a dancer, you can record your proposal and have it played to the audience before the start of the movie. Of course, make sure you bring the ring, so you can pop the question “in real life” at the same time your screen persona does so.

You may be madly in love and dying to pop the question to your soulmate, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling passionate about your car, too. In fact, your vehicle may have been witness to many of your most romantic moments and talks. Above are three ideas of how you can include your car in your proposal, either close to home or during a stop on a road trip.


Photo by Yan Berthemy from Unsplash.

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