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May 27, 2024

How to Avoid Five Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Riding a bicycle is a very convenient mode of transportation. Whether going to work, visiting a friend, or running errands, a bike can be handy.

However, bicycle accidents happen daily and can cause fatal injuries. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, you can take legal action and get compensation. You can hire bicycle accident injury attorneys to help navigate the legal process.

Here are common bicycle accident injuries and how you can avoid them.

Head Injuries and Concussions

Bicycle accidents can lead to concussions. These are brain injuries whose effects are long-lasting. They are challenging to diagnose and can exist long before they are diagnosed. They are caused mainly by violent shaking of the body or a blow to the head.

Some of the symptoms of concussions include:

Loss of memory
Lack of coordination
Excessive fatigue

In severe cases, concussions and head injuries can cause brain damage and other life-changing conditions. One way to prevent these personal injuries is wearing a helmet. A bicycle helmet protects your head area and reduces the pressure inflicted once you hit a surface in an accident. However, it’s essential to go for a check-up even if you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Neck, Back, and Spinal Injuries

Back and spinal injuries are some of bicycle injuries’ most severe and fatal effects. Most spinal injuries require immediate surgical intervention. Although they can sometimes have delayed symptoms, you must get a scan after the accident to be sure.

Back and neck injuries can have life-long impacts, the most severe being paralysis. These injuries can also lead to continuing and worsening degeneration, life-long pain, and significant changes in daily life.

You must wear protective gear when riding your bicycle to avoid spinal injuries. Protective equipment reduces the damage your body will incur during the accident.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding refers to bleeding within your body. It’s difficult to diagnose since it’s not physically visible as with most other injuries. An injury or trauma to the organs inside your body leads to internal bleeding.

Diagnosis of internal bleeding requires a physical exam and medical tests. Your doctor can identify the bleeding area and its severity through these tests.

You can treat less severe internal bleeding quickly. However, more severe cases require more in-depth tactics, such as surgery. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can achieve full recovery.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Broken bones, also called fractures, are among the most common bicycle accident injuries. There are two types of fractures, open or compound and closed. An open fracture is when the bone is visible and pokes through the skin. It can also be a deep wound that shows the inside of the skin where the bone is.

A closed fracture is when the bone breaks, but the skin is still intact, and you can’t see it. Symptoms of broken bones include skin discoloration, swelling, bruising, and trouble moving the injured part.
You can avoid fractures by wearing knee and elbow pads when riding your bicycle.

Contusions, Bruising, and Abrasions

A contusion or bruise is caused by a direct hit to the body that leads to damage on the surface of the skin. The damage can also affect deeper tissues depending on the severity of the impact or blow.

Symptoms of bruising involve swelling, skin discoloration, and tightness in the affected area. Bruises are generally easy to treat since they are less severe than other injuries. Cold compressions and bandaging work for most bruises.

How To Avoid Bicycle Accident Injuries

Most bicycle accidents involve a bicycle and a car. Typically, the bicycle rider experiences more injuries. For this reason, you must ensure you are taking preventive measures against any damages.

Some of these measures involve wearing reflective material at night, wearing a helmet, riding the correct bicycle size according to your stature, and wearing knee and elbow pads.


Bicycle accidents can be fatal or result in life-altering conditions. You are at a high risk of suffering from severe damages if involved in these accidents. If you happen to be in a bicycle accident, you must know what injuries to look out for.


Photo by Adam Dubec from Pexels

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