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May 27, 2018

1948 Tatra T87 Limousine – Sold At Auction In Monterey

by Mike –

The Czechoslovakia designed and manufactured Tatra T87 has a unique body style, the streamlined shape was designed by Dr. Hans Ledwinka, and was based on the Tatra 77. Paul Jaray, who designed the German Graf Zeppelin dirigibles, also provided styling ideas.

Tatra T87

Tatra T87

Many design elements of the Tatra were copied by other car manufacturers. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was influenced by the Tatra when he designed the Volkswagen Beetle. This led to a lawsuit between Tatra and Volkswagen which Tatra eventually won many years later.

This Tatra T87 sold at the RM auction in August 2013 in Monterey, California for $280,500.

RM said,

94 bhp, 2,545 cc overhead-valve air-cooled V-8 engine, four-wheel manual transaxle, independent front suspension, swing axle rear suspension, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 124 in.

* One of the most innovative, fascinating cars of its era

* Equipped with the 2.5-liter T603 engine

* Authentically restored and presented

* A model rapidly achieving the recognition it deserves

Tatra T87

Tatra T87

The Economics of the Auction

Hammer price: $255,000

Sellers commission (5%): $12,750

Listing fee (estimate): $1,500

Transportation to the auction (estimate): $3,000 (Australia to California)

Net to the seller (estimate): $237,750

Net paid by buyer: $280,500 plus transportation home

The Economics of the My Car Quest Approach (estimate)

Sales price (example): $255,000

Sellers commission (2%): $5,100

Listing fee: $250 (included in the commission)

Transportation to the auction: $0

Net to the seller: $249,900

Net paid by buyer: $255,000 plus any inspection costs and transportation home

In this example the seller takes home $12,150 more and the buyer pays $25,500 less minus inspection costs.

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Tatra T87

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  1. Indeed, this is always the best course of action selling a car, unless it’s some insane thing (like a 250 GTO or similar). Antique and exotic car auctions are a ripoff, and fueled by attendee competition, not a love of the cars themselves.

    Auction houses tout high sale $$ figures, and that’s really all that’s on their minds. They use those to draw in more sellers, while the auction’s “circus” environment attracts the rich whales and bidding junkies, neither of whom will ever use those cars as intended. That’s good for the auctions, though, because they turn around and sell the same car again a few years later, in the same pristine condition, once that buyer gets tired of looking at it and wants their money back (minus commissions).

  2. ~ your logic is pretty much flawless, Mike and Jerimiah. of course, there are always going to be people who value the ‘convenience’ of having someone else do part of their leg work, but $50k worth of legwork? i must have some seriously flawed career decisions back in my personal history.


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