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March 23, 2023

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Something Seems To Be Missing Here

by Mike -  This is the radiator cap on a Bentley. The coiled copper tube is hollow and is connected to the radiator coolant fluid. I think that the Bentley coolant fluid would overflow onto the top of the radiator if it were to over … [Read more...]

Good Days And Bad Days – In Pictures

by Mike - The day this first picture was taken was certainly a good day for Stephen Mitchell as he visited the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris recently to see The Art of the Automobile (some of Ralph Lauren's cars). Or, more precisely, to … [Read more...]

1966 GM Electrovair II Electric Car – Why Did They Stop?

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BON VOYAGE, GRIFO! – About A Sold Grifo

by Martyn Schorr If you ask boaters what were the two happiest days in their lives, you’re likely to hear: The day I bought my boat and the day I sold it! That’s usually not the case with car guys, however. When we fall in love with a … [Read more...]

Ghia 450SS – The Hollywood Convertible

by Mike - The Hollywood producer, Burt Sugarman, saw a Ghia-bodied Fiat on the cover of Road & Track magazine in 1965. Sugarman loved the looks and wanted one for himself. He approached Ghia and persuaded the company to build a similar car. … [Read more...]

Briggs Cunningham – A Great American Sportsman

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