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April 14, 2024

1966 GM Electrovair II Electric Car – Why Did They Stop?


  1. Here is the problem, man are very selfish and only cares about money, oil has made alot people millioners all over the worl, so every time some one try to bring a new technology, they shot it down! We can have veicles that dont need gas, there is something call "the surge technology" basically is a car powered by magnets! and this is a old technology! Eletric cars are also old, the first electric car was maid in the early 18 centure! Plus all other vehicles move by natural gas , water! but think about it… if we all have cars that does not need gas the oil masters will lose their money and power! It's a war that in the end who really gets hurt is our planet with all the pollution that our cars create! We all will have to face the consequences of our acts!

  2. Mike Gulett says


    Let's hope that car companies have learned that we need a better solution because we will run out of oil.

  3. My family had a Monza Corvair when I grew up, it was a good car with lots of room, so I can understand why they tried this with the Corvair. In the early 1900’s Baker made electric cars that could go 60 miles, today the Volt and Tesla can go 30-60 miles on a charge, things haven’t changed that much. I am glad there is still a lot of oil left.

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