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March 23, 2023

Archives for December 2011

Power Steering For The Iso Grifo

by Mike - Last year I decided that I wanted power steering on the Iso Grifo because my driveway is very tight and what should be a three point turn around was a nine point turn around in the Grifo. I contacted a Dutch company, EZ … [Read more...]

Classic Car Iconic Icons

by Mike - The word icon has become very popular in the classic car world especially by anyone selling a car or writing a classic car auction catalog. When a word is used too much it can lose its meaning and its power. This has happened to … [Read more...]

A Few Days Off

by Mike- I am taking a few days off from My Car Quest. I hope you all have a happy holiday season. Click Here To Subscribe to My Car Quest by Email … [Read more...]

There Is A Lesson Here

by Mike - Two lessons actually - do not be rude to little old ladies and have the air bags checked.   Click Here To Subscribe to My Car Quest by Email … [Read more...]

Ferrari 250 GTO No. 3987 For Sale – A Model At Least

by Mike - Ralph Lauren has just released some very special models of some of his special cars. One of them is Ferrari 250 GTO No. 3987 formerly owned by Stephen Mitchell, a regular reader of My Car Quest. You can see and read about … [Read more...]

I Give Up, I Think I’ll Just Stay Home

by Mike -  The United States National Transportation Safety Board has recommended this week to ban the use of cell phones while driving. I admit that I do get a little irritated when I see a driver, usually in a minivan with a bunch of kids, … [Read more...]