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December 9, 2023

Survey Results For A Very Unusual Iso Grifo For Sale

by Mike –

In this post, A Very Unusual Iso Grifo For Sale, I asked two questions in a survey.

Iso Grifo for sale

The questions and the reader responses are below:

1) Do you think it was a good idea to convert an Iso Grifo into a race car?

Yes – 20%

No – 80%

2) Do you think the conversion of an Iso Grifo into a race car can be financially rewarding for the owner?

Yes – 10%

No – 90%

It is interesting that 10% of the respondents thought it was a good idea to convert a Grifo into a race car even though it would not be financially rewarding to do so.

While an Iso Grifo may very well make a good race car in realty it was not intended to be a race car and does not have period race history as far as I know.

I agree completely with the majority of respondents to this survey, in case you were wondering.

It will be interesting to see how this unique Grifo does at auction.

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  1. In this cas the Grifo is similar to the lusso Ferrari. Ferrari’s raced the GTO but had the lusso street version.iso had the A3C for racing and the Grifo for the street,
    Some Ferrari Lusso owners did race their cars a.d these rare cars are celebrated by Ferrari owners. If I recall one of these Lusso’s was auctioned at a 25% premium.

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