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May 30, 2024

1964 Apollo GT Coupe With a Chevy 327 Engine

by Mike –

This Apollo GT has an interesting story. A Buick V8 originally powered these cars but this example has a Chevy 327 cid V8.

Apollo GT

This car was up for auction by Russo and Steele in August 2012 in Monterey. It did not sell and I do not know what happened to the car. The photos here were taken by me in the Russo and Steele auction lot in Monterey.

Apollo GT

According to Russo and Steele:

“There were reported to have been seven cars that were sold off the boat directly and completed by their owners. This occurred when the company ran short of cash and needed a quick infusion. All except one of these cars were completed (five got small block Chevy motors, one got a small block Ford) and put on the road after being purchased. This is that car.

Apollo GT

Chevrolet 327 cid Engine

It took several years to get it fully sorted. It was completed using a period (1963) drivetrain and a Chevy 327 with three deuces. It’s been driven a bit over 3,600 miles, on correct new Michelin X tires and is fully sorted and ready for more driving.”


Apollo GT

Apollo GT interior

See the video of my ride in another Apollo GT and read more about the Apollo GT here.

There is yet another Apollo GT for sale on Hemmings for $75,000.

It seems like most Apollo GTs are red but I have seen a beautiful blue one too.

Apollo GT

Apollo GT

Apollo GT

If anyone knows what happened to this Chevy powered Apollo let us know in the comments, or just let us know what you think about the Apollo GT.

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1964 Apollo GT Coupe With a Chevy 327 Engine
Article Name
1964 Apollo GT Coupe With a Chevy 327 Engine
This Apollo GT did not sell at auction.


  1. It didn’t sell? I I thought it did, did I miss something?

  2. What a sweet car – I am surprised it did not sell. I suspect it is sold by now.

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