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July 25, 2024

Car (Engine) Of The Day – Classic Car (Engine) For Sale – Maserati Bora Engine

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the classic car (engine) for sale today that could be fun to use in a unique way.

Maserati Bora Engine

Maserati Bora engine

The seller says:

* Very rare 4.9 Maserati engine that came off of a 1974 Bora

* Comes with a brand new air cleaner housing and a good air cleaner filter, rebuilt starter

Maserati Bora engine

* Headers are still attached, motor mounts, distributor, all 4 carburetors

* Original plug wires also intake manifold has ports for fuel injection conversion if wanted or keep the webers

* This Auction includes evrything you see in the picture plus a brand new rebuilt original starter, 4 aluminum carburetor spacers, 2 very rare lower valve cover shields, 1 original oil deep stick, 2 polished engine mounts

* The Bora had only 30k miles when the engine was pulled

Maserati Bora engine

* Numbers are: AM107/11/49 *902* 00 2178

This Maserati Bora engine is here on eBay for $8,500.


This is an item one does not see for sale very often. I wonder what happened to the Bora that held this engine.

I think this Maserati engine could make a great power plant for a hot rod or custom car. Or possibly to power a Ferrari that has been separated from its original engine; a 250 GTE like the one shown in Ferrari 250 GTE Corvette or this Ferrari 212.

You could be the only one in your car club with a hot rod Maserati.

Let us know what you think about this classic car engine in the Comments.

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  1. Oh yeah, a little Deuce Coupe with a Maserati V8!

    Why not?

  2. I like the idea of saving a Ferrari with a Maserati engine.

  3. Did you sell the engine?
    Contact me on please.

  4. Hello
    I was the seller of this engine which I regret selling it now
    I have not encountered another 4.9 engine for the bora since they are extremely rare
    Anyhow the engine came out of a burnt Bora which I believe was in Texas
    that’s all the info I had on it

  5. Doug Walsh says

    I have a 78 Bora 4.9 engine for sale but its a clean 7000 mile example. Its currently disassembled so there are no hidden secrets. Includes full gasket kit. It came out of a car that was in a building fire during restoration but the engine was at a different location

  6. Doug Walsh says

    Its about 40 miles north of Detroit. I’ll be there from about 8/5 to 12/1. I was planning to pull it out of storage then research and come up with a price in a couple weeks, I have some old info posted here about the car Contact info is at the bottom of the web page. Offers are welcome, good time to inspect it and grab a bargain before I assemble it.

    I have a future use for two of the weber carbs but otherwise the engine is all there. I sold the ZF transaxle for $7500 20 years ago but kept thinking I’ll find a project to use the engine in.

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