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May 27, 2024

Car Of The Day – Affordable Classic Car For Sale – 1969 AMC AMX Coupe

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the affordable classic car for sale today that I would like to own.

1969 AMC AMX Coupe

1969 AMC AMX Coupe for sale

1969 AMC AMX Coupe for sale

The seller says:

* Beautifully restored within the last couple of years to its original state (325 miles since restoration was completed)

* A true California car which had just two owners throughout its lifetime!

* 390 CID V8 backed by 4-spd manual transmission

* No short cuts taken on this restoration

1969 AMC AMX Coupe engine

1969 AMC AMX Coupe interior


A little more history on this car would be nice. The seller does not mention the total miles and there are not very many details about the restoration. Those are some of the questions that a prospective buyer should ask.

I like the AMC AMX and I think they have been under appreciated and represent a good value in the American muscle car market today.

The car is located in Fairmont City, Illinois and the price is $24,995.

This AMC AMX is for sale on Hemmings.

Let us know what you think about this classic car in the Comments.

1969 AMC AMX Coupe for sale

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  1. ~ a good friend has consigned several collector cars through Gateway, and has been quite happy with their proficiency. they’re located in a large, well laid-out former Venture store just south of the motorsports park, (also named Gateway) in Fairmont City, IL. area with a Chicago showroom as well.

  2. AMXs are “niche” cars of the mainstream muscle car market. The price is less than what the restoration may have cost, but that is a rule rather than exception in today’s market. At this price point, this car is going up against Chevy and Pontiac F-Bodies. You are on the mark in noting lack of crucial details. Is this a number matching car? IMO, this car should be sub $20k. That’s just my $0.02..

    • George, I like the niche aspect – there were only 12,409 of these made in two years. Compare that to the more than 1 million Mustangs of the 1960s. With the AMX you get a high performance and fairly rare muscle car.

      I agree with you on the price.

  3. How does driving the AMX compare to a 1969 Mustang or Camaro?

    • ~ it has been a number of years but as i best recall the short wheelbase made for a stiff ride and crisp directional control. when released i made a deal with my local AMC store then reconsidered as Alison was with child. purchased a 400 Firebird in its place.

      • Thanks – that makes sense – I think the Firebird is a better looking car but the AMX seems appealing because of the rarity. I do not see one very often.

  4. Even when I was a kid in 1969, these were very rare cars, as opposed to all the Mustangs, Camaros, and Firebirds on the road. When people went to look to buy an AMC car, it was usually the full-sized Matador or Ambassador, or the niche economy cars like the Pacer, Hornet or Gremlin. They didn’t usually associate AMC products as sporty musclecars, although the AMX was always well-respected in the automotive press. Based on the few numbers produced, it probably is an excellent investment car, that will only greatly appreciate in value as the years go on. Glenn in the Bronx, NY

    • ~ @ Glenn,
      that’s pretty much correct, their core buyers were less interested in the AMX and Javelin than Rebel and Ambassador and American (through ’69 MY). Hornet and Gremlin were introduced in ’70 when Matador replaced Rebel. it seemed that AMX and Javelin, while well respected, were out sold by each of the competing pony-cars. to the extent that AMC cars could be thought of as exciting their sporty cars echoed Studebaker’s Avanti swan song, still fresh in he public’s mind.

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