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December 8, 2023

Car Of The Day – Affordable Classic Car For Sale – 1981 Porsche 911SC

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the affordable classic car for sale today that I would like to own.

1981 Porsche 911SC

1981 Porsche 911SC for sale

The seller says:

* Rosewood Metallic with Tan interior

1981 Porsche 911SC interior

* A California car since new

* Excellent condition

1981 Porsche 911SC

* A/C, cruise control, tensioner and pop off valve upgrades completed

* Mileage is 83,487

1981 Porsche 911SC

1981 Porsche 911SC engine


This is a striking color combination that will certainly stand out from other 911s. I like it and I have always liked this model. I have never owned a 911SC but I certainly test drove a few. While the mileage may seem high it is only 2,700 miles per year.

A prospective buyer will want more history on the car and maybe a talk to the mechanic who did the recent testing mentioned in the ad.

This Porsche 911 is for sale on Hemmings and is in Monterey, California priced at $25,900.

Let us know what you think about this classic car in the Comments.

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  1. Porsche had some unusual colors at one time. Today it seems they are all silver or some variation of gray. I kinda like this color.

  2. Mike, since you are talking Porsches, what is your opinion of the 924, 944, and 928? I never liked the body styling of the 911’s, although I do like the color combination on this one. And growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, at the time, I did not know what to think about these 9 series models, and did not appreciate them. However, as time has moved on, I am really starting to dig their styling, and occasionally, when I see one on the road, I say to myself, that damn, that is a good looking car! The funny thing is that on the used car market, they are real bargains, going for about a third of your featured 911. I am interested in your opinion on these 9 series models, that flopped when they were introduced, but seem cool now. Or maybe I am just a nostalgic fool! Let me know your opinion. Thanks! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

    • Oh Glenn, I am so sorry to hear that you do not appreciate the wonderful 911 (remember I own a 1996 911 that I bought new which I still love and drive and I owned a 1967 911 in the early 1980s). My whole life is not Italian cars.

      OK, now to your question, in short: avoid the 924, consider the 944 and 968 but seriously consider the 928.

      I liked the 944, 968 and 928 when they were new but especially the 928. The V8 power of the 928 is appealing plus I like the styling. Because they did not appeal to the traditional Porsche crowd they are very cheap today as you point out.

      I suggest you shop carefully for a 928, find the best one you can, have a Porsche mechanic check it out and pay the price. Even though they are cheap to buy they are not cheap to repair so buy the best one you can find. Good luck, if you do get one let us know.

      Also, do not expect any of these cars to appreciate – just drive them and have fun and maybe you can sell them in a few years for what you paid.

      • The 944 are at a price upswing. While they still can be had for as low as $1800, I would suggest you steer clear of these unless you want to buy a running (barely) parts car. A clean M/T with removable roof section will run you $5-$7k in a very good condition. These are great cars IMO (I had one a long time ago, bought it as a trade in at Rusnak). 50/50 weight distribution, nice design, relatively reliable. Be careful with the Turbos. They are more expensive but if they had too many owners I’d steer clear. However, properly maintained these are a hoot. The downside is the upkeep. The 968, especially the cabrios are very attractive and have hit rock bottom in terms of price. These still look fantastic and you will not feel left out while cruising through Carmel or parking along the Rodeo Dr.

        Even the 924 are getting in on the action. These were “disposable” Porsches so a clean one is pretty hard to find. Again, the maintenance is not bad (lots of a/m parts shared within the VW group). The biggest issue besides lack of performance is the A/C. I think a clean 924 has a place under the sun as a future collectible (make that long into the future) but given their suppressed values, one can be found in a clean good driving condition for under $5k.

        What I would really worry about are the 928s. These cars are complex, high on maintenance costs. Stay away from automatics, they kill the fun factor. Unfortunately, there are more automatics than M/Ts.

        As with everything else, a) do the market value research, b) check for maintenance records and owner history, c)spend an extra $150 to have the car thorouhly looked over by a specialist. d) don’t be shy about negotiating. low balling will only upset the seller,but a reasonable offer even if happens to be a little below market value is ok. Remember, you are looking at essentially niche cars with a limited market appeal…

  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Appreciate the advice, and I know the 911 has an incredibly devoted following, and that is why the other 9 series models failed. Most sportscar guys love the 911, and sometimes, even I do. You, the whole world, and Jerry Seinfeld can’t be wrong! Once again, thanks for sharing your hobby with us – at this point its the thing I look forward to the most everyday on the internet – even more than the Hemmings blog at this point! Have a great Christmas with your family and your cars, and I hope 2013 becomes the year all your car dreams come true! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  4. Glenn,
    Thank you for the compliment – it is appreciated. I like Hemmings and have written a few articles for them.

    My best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the Bronx, NY!

  5. George,
    I just wanted to thank you for your very detailed response regarding the market of used 9 series Porsches, other than the 911. Like Mike, you seem to have the inside scoop on what the market will bear on these cars, and all their perks and flaws. Thank you very much for your input, and I am positive that your knowledge has helped a lot of Car Quest subscribers out there! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

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