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March 2, 2024

Another Ferrari Bargain – This Time It Is A 1967 330 GTC For Sale

by Mike –

Here we go again another bargain classic Ferrari for sale. This time a Ferrari 330 GTC is for sale at the very reasonable price of only 23,500 Euros ($31,652 US, 20,008 pounds stering).

Ferrari 330 GTC for sale

I am posting a screen shot of the ad below because I suspect this may not be available for very long. Click the image for a larger view.

Ferrari 330 GTC for sale scam

My thanks to Julius H. for sending this in plus Julius also sent the email message below from the seller.


My number is : xxxxxxx (you can call me ! i speak english )

The car is located in Murcia ,Spain, with me and has Spanish plates registered on my name.

I will pay the transport to your address when I take the car to the transport company and leave it in their custody.

You must pay the passage of property and fees for car registration – 580 euro

The company handles all the necessary documentation for registering the car in your country.

After the car has been verified by their experts ( mechanic and documentation ), a certificate of guarantee for one year will be issued.

The transport company will contact you with the details of the car, of the transaction and the account where you must make the deposit.

You must pay an account of 30 % from the price of the car to their account.

The money will remain into their bank account until the end of the transaction as a guarantee for the transport company, not for me. I don’t need any guarantee !
I trust you.

The bank account will be provided by the transport company at the appropriate time.

(method of payment – bank transfer)

Once the company receives the confirmation that the money has been sent, they will start the transport to your address.

After you pay the deposit, the car will arrive in about 5-6 business days at your address. Once the company delivers the car to your address, you can make any test you want and if you don’t agree with the condition of the car after you have tested it, the company will reimburse you the money you have paid 30 % and you pay only the return of the car in my country ( 285 EUR ). You will have 10 days available to verify and test the car.

You must understand that I will not receive any money, they money will remain in the company’s bank account. I will get the money only after we finalise the transaction. The rest of 70 % will be paid at the end of the transaction ( AFTER the car will arrive at your address ) .

If you agree with this type of transaction and its terms, I need :

Your name, surname, address, zip code, city, country, phone number. After I have this information, I can take the car to the company to make all the documents on your name.

The company works very easy and it’s very safe. I WORKED WITH THIS COMPANY IN THE PAST !

I am waiting for your answer.

My number is : xxxxxx (you can call me ! i speak english )



This seems so simple – it is much easier than inspecting the car in person to be sure that this Ferrari is actually in the possession of the seller.

This is my favorite line in the email,

I don’t need any guarantee ! I trust you.

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  1. I want this car, I don’t need any guarantee either. I trust this guy.

  2. jmswhidbey says

    Some how just screams SCAMARAMADINGDONG… Are these people really so stupid?

  3. Always seems to be suspicious to see such an advertisments..Especially when seller don t want to show car in person and pay in advance deposit.We have to be carefull.

    • Right you are Julius – in tomorrows My Car Quest I will write about a couple of my own experiences many years ago with this same type of “seller”.

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