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June 17, 2024

Car Of The Day – Classic Car For Sale – 1989 Lamborghini Countach

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the classic car for sale today that I would like to own. The Countach is starting to appeal more and more to me.

1989 Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Countach

The seller says:

* 25K original miles “40K Kilometers”

* White with red interior

* Anniversary edition

Lamborghini Countach interior

The price is $119,000, this Lamborghini Countach is for sale on Hemmings and is located in Astoria, New York.

Lamborghini Countach


This is a great color combination in my opinion. I like the earlier models with the smaller bumpers but this version looks good in white. I like the low miles but wish the seller would have supplied more information like ownership history and any restoration that may have been done.

This Lamborghini should be all original with only 25K miles and made in 1989.

Let us know what you think about this classic car in the Comments.

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Lamborghini Countach


  1. As a longtime owner of a 25th Anniversary, my recommendation for any prospective owner is to try to get as much seat time in before buying. Visibility out of the rear is very limited and those over 6′ 2″ may struggle with head room. The AC units on these 25th cars are the most efficient of the entire Countach line but they are still pretty marginal. If you can live with the shortcomings, they are fun to drive and look fantastic.

  2. Great car but i would prefer more Lp400S or 500S than Anniversario.
    i have to agree with above mentioned comment from G.R.
    I have LP400S it is great car but for using and comfort horrible but has another merits that count.

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