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December 4, 2023

Phil Remington Has Died

by Mike –

Fans of auto racing have lost another great one – Phil Remington died on February 8 at the age of 92. He made many contributions to auto racing and he will be remembered as a key contributor to elevating American road racing to the world stage.

Phil Remington

His finger prints are literally all over the following race cars: the Lance Reventlow Scarabs, Shelby Cobra Roadster, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Ford GT40 and Gurney’s All American Racing cars (where he spent more than 40 years).

He designed the Gurney hump which allowed 6ft 4in Dan Gurney to fit in the Ford GT40.

In the book Cobra: The First 40 Years, the author Trevor Legate wrote,

“It was a remarkable stroke of good fortune that Phil Remington was building Scarabs at the Reventlow workshops in Venice when Shelby moved in. With nowhere else to go, Remington stayed, becoming Shelby’s chief engineer and his knowledge gained from the California hot-rod scene proved indispensable. He was a person who could build any part required for a car from whatever materials were at hand and have it ready before most other ‘engineers’ had found their toolbox.”

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  1. ~ R.I.P.
    . who besides me believes in a hereafter where everyday is race day?

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