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May 17, 2024

Jaguar XK 150 – What A Beauty

by Mike –

UPDATE – Read the Comments from the owner and a smart reader for the correct information about this unusual Jaguar.

This beautiful car is a 1958 Jaguar XK 150 OTS 3.4. This is the car Jaguar introduced just before the XKE. The OTS stands for Open Two Seater and the 3.4 means it has a 3.4 liter engine.

Jaguar XK 150 OTS

Jaguar XK 150 OTS

Jaguar XK 150 OTS

This car has two, or maybe three, carburetors and about 210 to 250 hp. Four wheel disk brakes were standard on the XK 150, a Jaguar innovation.

Jaguar XK 150 OTS

The fixed head coupe version has a top speed of 132 mph and it will accelerate from 0–60 mph in 7.8 seconds. It is also the perfect shade of green for a British car.

Jaguar XK 150 OTS interior

The interior is very special and the bar separating the driver from the passenger is interesting.

This car was at the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance in 2010.

Have you seen one of these before? – Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Jaguar advertisement

Jaguar advertisement

A version of this article was published in April 2011.

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  1. It looks like an XK120 to me, not an XK150. It has a cut down windshield, bodywork between the seats, and louvers on the hood, making me wonder what that is about. Interestingly, the separate, chrome front turn signals indicates that this is a rare, aluminum bodied XK120. The standard, steel bodied car had turn signals as part of the front fenders, painted in body color. There were also more powerful versions, such as the XK120M and MC, with 180 and 210 hp, respectively, whereas the standard engine was rated at 160 hp. All power figures are gross. The M and MC might have had hood louvers, but I’m not sure. All had 3.4 liter engines and two single barrel SU carburetors. It was only in the XK150 that a three carburetor version was available, the XK150S, as well as the XK150S 3.8, previewing the engine for the E-Type.

    • Miguel,

      Thank you for the information. You may be right – I reviewed my notes from when these photos were taken nearly 3 years ago and I cannot verify the model. I also am not a Jaguar expert.

    • heraclius says

      This car is a John May Speciale.
      It began life as a 1952 XK120 OTS.
      XY7 was raced extensively in the UK and by the nineties was pretty much trashed.
      John May is a very well known developer of Jaguars and he rebuilt XY7 as his personal car. The engineering is stunning. A C Type engine gives 300hp plus. The car did a measured 149mph at Jaebbekke when Jag asked John to commemorate the original speed trials.
      The centre bar was developed from the D Type and transforms the handling.
      Don’t be frustrated at missing all this. I showed the car at Hillsborough and the dim Jaguar judge was utterly clueless.

      • Thank you for the information – I am thinking I need to rewrite this post now. These photos were taken at Hillsborough in 2010 – so is this your car?

        • heraclius says

          Not to worry. John’s cars are very rare.
          I have the good fortune to own this one.
          XY7 has done the Copperstate and CA Mille and is now back in England.

          • I know what you mean about judges – I rarely meet a judge that knows anything about a Bizzarrini GT 5300.

          • Claude Marion says

            Do you know wherethe car is in the uk?Am looking for this car; would you know who the owner is?

    • Claude Marion says

      Am looking for this car; would you know who the owner is?

  2. Claude Marion says

    Is it back in the uk?

  3. Terry O'Reilly says

    I have no idea what the sentence about moderation is or where it came from. I tried moderation once and it was boring.

  4. Claude – the former owner answers your questions above.

    • Terry O'Reilly says

      Not former. Still mine.
      Temporarily for sale — long story — but i hope to retrieve the car.
      John put a 4.2 in the engine bay as Jaguar Heritage wanted to field the ultimate 120 for the time trial.
      This car is an extraordinary work of engineering. Totally unique.
      And soon back in the Rockies and hopefully on view at the GTTSR in 2014.

  5. Claude Marion says

    i also do not know where the phrase on moderation comes from

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