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February 25, 2024

This Lamborghini Miura Is Hot – A Little Too Hot

by Mike –

A sad day for someone, notice this is the SV model – worth more than $1 million US before the fire.

Lamborghini Miura on fire

These are not the first images that I have seen of a Lamborghini Miura on fire.

Is there something about the Miura that makes it susceptible to engine fires?

Why didn’t someone try harder to put out this fire? Why wasn’t the owner all over this Miura with a fire extinguisher?


  1. Ewwwww.
    That is a tear jerker. To see how it was limited to engine bay, spreading to cabin, then to the front. At a million dollars value though, everything is fixable.
    I’d love to buy it and have a crack at the full rebuild.
    The dangers (IMHO) of high pressure fuel pumps and seldom driven cars.
    The Miura can suffer flooding due to stuck needles in the float chamber, or, leaking fuel lines around the carbs. In either case, the fuel floods into the valley between the cams, filling the spark plugs with literally litres of fuel until it all goes up due to spark or washing over on to exhaust. Changing the pump to a 3-5 psi type from std 10-12 psi is a start, but replacement of fuel lines for modern fuel types is a good solution. Keeping a simple extinguisher in the cabin isn’t a bad idea either, but, most 1kg extinguishers last about 6-10 seconds at best, so better be the right type, hitting the right spot, and quickly.

  2. Grifo4me says

    There is almost no room for a fire extinguishers in a Miura cabin. I always carry a Large one when driving my cars. It’s not a bad idea to have a system installed on mid engined cars.

    • An extinguisher fits nicely in front of the passenger footrest.
      Also, there is plenty of room in the boot for a larger one, which when open (for the brave) also provides/acts as, a deflector for the flames erupting out of the engine cover slats, while you fish it out and do the Fireman Same deal.

  3. angelofrancese says

    If the Lamborghini on fire in London it’s for sale. Can you email me?. My email is

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