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August 12, 2020

An Unrestored 1952 Iso 125 Scooter

by Mike –

Before the Isetta, the Iso Rivolta GT or the Iso Grifo – Iso was a large manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles because Renzo Rivolta recognized the need for low cost transportation in post World War II Italy.

Flavio Campetti was our host and organizer for the Iso gathering in Bresso, Italy recently. He was born in the area and is a huge Iso fan. He also wrote a book about Iso, “Da Iso a ISORIVOLTA, Il fascino di un marchio”. I cannot read Italian, fortunately it has many excellent photos.

Isoscooter 125

Flavio Campetti and his Isoscooter 125

Flavio brought his all original 1952 Isoscooter 125 to the event and he rode it all around Rivolta Park giving rides to anyone brave enough to hop on the back. This beautiful scooter produces 7.5 hp from an air cooled 125 cc single cylinder engine that has two pistons.

Isoscooter 125

This Isoscooter is a predecessor to all of the beautiful and sophisticated GT cars made by Iso.

Isoscooter 125

This scooter has its original paint. I said to Flavio, “I was born the same year as this scooter and it looks better than I do!”.

Isoscooter 125

Isoscooter 125

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Isoscooter 125

Isoscooter 125

Isothermos Logo

Isoscooter 125

Isoscooter 125

Iso Logo In Reflective Material

Isoscooter 125


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Isoscooter 125

For Good Luck

Iso Logo


  1. georgeg20 says

    I saw pictures of the scooter in “The Men, The Machines” and wasn’t very impressed. After all, this was war torn Italy… However, it’s such a great looking machine in person. Thanks for sharing this Mike!

  2. ismo alanko says

    Hei. My name is Ismo Alanko from finland. I have Too Isoscooter like Flavio 1953.

    Best ragards
    Ismo Alanko

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