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April 18, 2024

Iso Grifo For Sale – Sold!

This rare Iso Grifo has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to Georgia USA from California!

Congratulations to both the seller (me) and the buyer.

by Mike –

This 1968 Iso Grifo is for sale. With styling by Giorgetto Giugiaro, chassis design by Giotto Bizzarrini and power by Chevrolet the Iso Grifo has become one of the most desirable collector cars in the world. There were only 413 made and some of those no longer exist making the Grifo a rare classic GT car. They always attract a crowd and they drive like a dream.

This is a series 1 Grifo that I have owned since July 2010. This Iso Grifo has been in California virtually all of its life and the condition reflects that.

Iso Grifo for sale

Make: Iso
Model: Grifo – Series 1
Year: 1968
Chassis number: GL 740157
Exterior: Red
Interior: Black
Engine: Chevrolet 383 cid – stroker (not the original engine) – Edelbrock aluminum heads
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Factory air conditioning – a rare feature
Odometer: less than 78,300 miles
Build date: August 3, 1967 – shipped to the USA
Number made: Approximately 413 of all types
Displayed at: The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in 2012 and Concorso Italiano in 2010, 2011 and 2013 and the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance in 2013
Featured in a photo shoot for a profile of Piero Rivolta for “Motor Trend Classic” Magazine – Winter 2012 issue (see photos below)

A high quality Iso Grifo for sale is rare.

Iso Grifo for sale

Everything on this Grifo works. It is in excellent mechanical condition and is a fantastic Grifo that is ready for any long distance drive and will present well in local car shows. Watch the drive video below.

The paint is approximately 15 years old. The interior is in very good condition and is original except the seats have had new leather on the top a few years ago. The backs of the seats are original and have the correct hole pattern (see photo below).

Iso Grifo for sale

A copy of the original build sheet (see photo below) comes with the car as does an original Grifo owner’s manual (see photos below).

Iso Grifo for sale

Iso Grifo for sale

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo No. 157 at a photo shoot for “Motor Trend Classic” Magazine – published in the Winter 2012 issue

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo at a photo shoot

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo No. 157 at a “Motor Trend Classic” photo shoot

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo at a photo shoot

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo No. 157 at a “Motor Trend Classic” photo shoot

Piero Rivolta and Iso Grifo at a photo shoot

Piero Rivolta in Iso Grifo No. 157 – “Motor Trend Classic” – Winter 2012 Issue

Work done in recent years – detailed receipts come with the car

* Complete engine re-build in 2012 by Borelli Motor Sports in San Jose, CA (very strong engine) – $13,327

* Underside work in 2006 by David Grant in Santa Clarita, CA (commissioned by the previous owner it still looks new under there) – $21,730

* The EZ Electric Power Steering Installed in 2010 – parts cost – $3,832 – labor – $2,385 – the original steering column is included if someone wants to return it to original steering. The electric powering steering is completely invisible with nothing in the engine compartment and the steering column looks stock until you crawl into the driver side foot well, look up and see an electric motor in line with the steering column.

* Modern three-point inertia seat belts professionally installed in 2010; they look like they could have come from the factory – $1,920

Iso Grifo GL 740157 build sheet copy

Iso Grifo for sale

Iso Grifo No. 157 Build Sheet Copy

Exterior – slide show

Interior – slide show

Engine now and work in progress by Borelli Motor Sports – (approximately 1,050 miles since the engine rebuild) – slide show

Underside work in progress by David Grant in 2006 – slide show

Underside now – slide show

A drive video

Iso Grifo logo

Iso Grifo logo

Iso Grifo logo

Iso Grifo For Sale - Sold!
Article Name
Iso Grifo For Sale - Sold!
Iso Grifo For Sale - Sold!


  1. Have you totally lost your mind? That is a sweet Grifo. You were supposed to be holding that for me to buy after I finish my Rivolta (never) and sell it. I’m greatly disturbed by this news.

    I hope this isn’t a mid life crises thing. Tell R to watch out.

  2. Hi Mike! Nice, nice car! Are the original Borranis included with this car? The build sheet shows them as being original. Also the knockoffs which should be special ISO only style with 3 ears?
    Ciao! Matt

  3. Nick Faris says

    Please email if this car is still for sale, i am very interested. thank you.

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