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May 22, 2024

Did This Lamborghini Espada Sale Set A New Price Level For All Espadas?

by Mike –

This one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Espada sold for $214,500 at the Gooding auction in Monterey in August 2013. I believe this is a record price for an Espada at a public sale.

It has custom features from the factory and was driven by royalty once.

Does this sale mean all Espadas are now more valuable? Read on and let us know what you think in the Comments.

Lamborghini Espada

Gooding says,

* One of Only 186 Series 1 Espadas Built

* Groundbreaking Bertone Design

* Originally Delivered with Distinctive Plexiglas Roof and Metallic Blue Paint

Lamborghini Espada

* Driven by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix

Lamborghini Espada

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace were in this Espada once

* Displayed at Numerous Auto and Trade Shows Throughout the US

* Offered with Important Original Documentation

* Matching-Numbers Example

* Exhibited at the 2008 Quail Motorsports Gathering

* An Extremely Rare and Exotic 1960s Supercar

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada

I don’t think I want a plexiglass roof.

This one-off Espada once driven by royalty sets a new price record for the Espada model – the big question is does this have any impact on other Espada prices? I know of at least one dealer who is trying to use this sale to boost the price of his Espada for sale.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

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Did This Lamborghini Espada Sale Set A New Price Level For All Espadas?
Article Name
Did This Lamborghini Espada Sale Set A New Price Level For All Espadas?
This special one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Espada sold for a record price at auction but does that effect the value of all Espadas?


  1. alan deacon says

    It’s no Yugo is it

  2. Glenn Rudner says

    I suppose that all the guys with a rusting Series 3 Espada will look to this sale as the new benchmark, much akin to the guys with a Series 1 4.2L roadster Jaguar think that their car is now worth 95% of the car that RM sold for in excess of 450K last week in NYC.

  3. That Series 1 E-Type was a complete nut and bolt restoration in non-original color. It has been a participant in concourse and has been recognized by the factory. The Espada here has significant history behind it and that may have been the key factor to its price along with the originality and factory mods. Whether we like it or not, it does effect the prices of the entire herd. While not as significant as mentioned by Glenn (I did sense some sarcasm there))) but it does firm up the price points across the board.

    • LOL Until another two or three sell for 40K then it’s back to normal.

      • My point is that prices will firm up. It took several high value transactions to firm up prices this year on early Series 2 Alfa Romeo Spiders and push the values of Series 1 Round Tail Spiders to new levels.

  4. David Lang says

    A 1970 Espada just brought a $74600 high bid, which did not meet reserve, on EBay. It was a 35k miles unrestored original in white and had the series 2 dash.
    This would confirm a rise in Espada values but not up to the $214 level.

  5. Jon venstad says

    I am from Norway , currently restoring an 1973- S3. (chassis 9462) . The prices will get higher for sure , but not very quickly. However , in the near future it will be apparant to more and more people how costly it is to restore an Espada. (compare it to an Countach restoration ! ) therefore , perfect examples , even correctly restored (not just painted and rechromed with new tires , but CORRECT ONES ) will start to demand quite good prices. For the record , my car is not for sale. My guess is that we will see the 100K USD mark in a very few years.

  6. David Lang says

    To address Espadas comment…. with 39 bids and over 10 bidders he had a lot of friends.

  7. Paal-Anders Grova says

    Hello David Lang. Could you please contact me on ?

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