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June 12, 2024

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Pete Seeger – A Life Well Lived

by Mike - Pete Seeger was a big star but not like the big stars we see today in the music world. He did not wear gold chains and expensive clothes or drive expensive cars. He did not live in a mansion in Southern California or France. He did not … [Read more...]

Are There Enough Classic Car Auctions?

by Mike - RM Auctions will host yet another new auction on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. The inaugural RM Paris auction is taking place during the Retromobile week and is in association with Festival Automobile International. RM and a few … [Read more...]

An Apollo GT Found At A Garage Sale

by Mike - I love the connections we make here on My Car Quest thanks to the miracle of the Internet and the support of thousands of readers. In An Apollo GT – The First Owner I asked if this Apollo GT No. 1072 was in the Concorso Italiano … [Read more...]

Now That Original Is More Valuable Than A Perfect Restoration There Are A Few Questions That Come To Mind

by Mike - The trend toward original cars being worth more than restored cars has been creeping up on us for a while - at least in the US. I think collector car enthusiasts in Europe have long valued originality more than US collectors. I wrote … [Read more...]

Who Was George Tilp? – A Big Phil Hill Supporter – Part Two

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Who Was George Tilp? – Part One

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