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September 23, 2021

The First Production Studebaker Avanti – A Fascinating Story

by Mike –

Read about the first production Studebaker Avanti in the Hemmings Daily today.

This is what it looked like when found,

Studebaker Avanti

That green color is unusual and the gold flames add a special touch.

It is being restored at LeMay America’s Car Museum.

According to Hemmings,

…it was one of the first 10 production Avantis assigned with a so-called “born-on date” of April 26, 1962, the day that Studebaker introduced the fiberglass-bodied coupe to the public simultaneously in New York City and in South Bend.

I suspect it will be beautiful when done.

Have I mentioned lately there is a special 1963 Studebaker Avanti for sale here on My Car Quest?

Studebaker Avanti and Archie

The First Production Studebaker Avanti - A Fascinating Story
Article Name
The First Production Studebaker Avanti - A Fascinating Story
The first production Studebaker Avanti is being restored.


  1. Mike, just a reminder that this coming Thursdsy, April 17th, is the 50th anniverdary of the introduction of the most successful new car model introduction in American history, the Ford Mustang. Perhaps, you can do a story on your own impressions and experiences with the Mustang over the years. We’d like to hear your virws on this iconic car. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  2. Thomas Ollinger says

    Michael, my great uncle, Donald Schrum(sp?) was an engineer and test driver in the latter years of Studebaker. I grew up hearing many fun stories about Avantis and Golden Hawks. Also, my grandfather tested B-17 engines at the Studebaker plant during WWII. Thanks for the article.

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