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May 28, 2024

This Iso Grifo Is Sold At Auction

by Mike –

1967 Iso Grifo 5.4-Litre Coupe

Iso Grifo For Sale

This Iso Grifo sold for £197,500 (US$ 336,390) including the buyers premium at the Bonhams auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. today.

According to Bonhams this is a two owner (not counting dealers) series one Iso Grifo that has just completed a detailed restoration.

The price was probably constrained by the automatic transmission and the right-hand-drive configuration. Otherwise this looks like a great car once the proper wheels are installed, which come with the car. The color combination looks great to me too.

The new owner must be very happy, I thought it could have sold for more.

Iso Grifo For Sale

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This Iso Grifo Is Sold At Auction
Article Name
This Iso Grifo Is Sold At Auction
It is not often that a nice Iso Grifo comes up for sale and this is one.


  1. One topic that isn’t discussed much is the value of cars based on RHD or LHD. I think it applies here with this fresh beautifully restored series one Grifo. Fewer bidders = fewer dollars.

    The incorrect spinners and rims didn’t help either.

    If I was the seller I would have had a set of Borrani’s made which are correct for the Grifo and sold the Lamborghini rims which bring a mighty price these days.

    • Mike,

      The Bonhams description said “Five correct wire wheels are included in the sale…” You are right the seller could have sold the Lamborghini wheels separately and put the wire wheels on the Grifo.

      As I said in the Post I think the RHD may reduce the value because of the smaller market. However, there are fewer RHD Grifos in the world so if a buyer wants one there are fewer choices.

    • Zak Dhabalia says

      Hi there, I bought this Iso Grifo at the auction yesterday, it has beautiful restored Borrani wheels with new tyres included in the sale + all the original parts like transmission that was restored but then replaced by a later version, bumpers, radiator and other parts that are also part of the sale. It was a fantastic restoration with a car that had only one owner till 2011. There are also 8 binder files of photos pre restoration into restoration. What is clear is that the original unrestored cost of the car and all the work done with parts was probably very close to the hammer price of the final product. Yes the LHD market is bigger if you are looking at the useable market who might pay more to drive a LHD but by virtue of being so few RHD that will have some value to some pure collectors too who don’t drive them often. An example would be if there were 400 identical cars and only 1 rhd, I suspect the investors would definitely value the RHD more than the 399 LHD!

      • Zak,

        Congratulations! I think you made a great purchase and I suspect you live in the UK so the RHD works out very well.

      • You made a good purchase and as you noted the restoration costs +car were probably near the hammer price. There is a history of D cars in Iso talk. D being “destro” or RHD. However the prices have always been a bit lower, in any case you have what you need and I am sure you will enjoy it.

        FYI I wouldn’t run those Campagnolo’s with the Borrani spinners, I know a lot of people do because they can’t find theCampagnolo’s or want to pay the price, but the angle of the inner flange is different and there is a possibility that they could wiggle free/loose.

  2. Is there really a SMALLER MARKET of RHD? Over a Billion in INDIA ALONE, + Australia & S.Africa, ( counting Britain out ) .

    • Yes, the RHD collector street car market is much smaller than the LHD collector car market. The collector car market in India is non-existent as far as I know and I don’t think there is a single Iso Grifo in India.

      Also, money is important for this market and there is more money available for collector cars in the US and Europe (excluding the UK) than all other places combined.

    • Do they drive sports cars in India? There is a big difference between TAM vs SAM

  3. Paul Harvey says

    RHD is perfect for UK, Australia and Far East
    £/$ conversion rates are currently very favourable indeed for us Brits

    As an Italian/US hybrid (forgive the description!) this Iso Grifo suffered in those circumstances as you suggest.

    Interestingly the yellow Aston Martin DB2/4 which had been converted to LHD from original RHD also failed to sell strongly, and seemed a good buy at the price to revert it to original. I was tempted.

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