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June 20, 2024

This Iso Grifo Was In The Movies

by Mike –

The Violent Professionals is an organized crime versus cops Italian thriller movie made in 1973. It was produced by Luciano Martino and Carlo Ponti, was directed by Sergio Martino and stared Luc Merenda and Richard Conte.

The most important feature is that there is a prominent role played by a certain silver Iso Grifo which happens to be for sale here on My Car Quest now.

Some of the scenes with the silver Iso Grifo are in the slide show below.

If you want to see the video driving scenes then go to 3:42 on the video clip below and watch how quick this Iso Grifo is.

The Violent Professionals Poster

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Thanks to Darren Frank for the still images and the poster photo.

This Iso Grifo Was In The Movies
Article Name
This Iso Grifo Was In The Movies
This Iso Grifo was in the movies and it is for sale now on My Car Quest.


  1. It appears that the Guilia is the real star 😉 JK

  2. Did anyone notice the Maserati Mistral Coupe in the scrapyard in the first few seconds of the video?


  3. Georgeg20, you are completely right! All these “Polizziotteschi” film were often an hymn to the cars and especially the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which was the ordonnance car for both Polizia and Carabinieri.

    If you pay attention, most of the car chase and pursuit scenes were “cut ‘n copied” from one film to another one, so the locations. The scrapyard at the beginning of the video was used in so many other, as well as the “waste land” next to the current “Varesine” SS road and the river boat (not in this video but in the film) was used in at least 3-4 others, including the famous “Milano Calibro 9” (Caliber 9 is the english titile).

  4. Another final note: the use of cars brands was always teh same:
    – Ferraris belong to the kidnapped businessman
    – Minis belong to lovers/fiancees
    – Mercedes (with chauffeur) was used by rich wives
    – Porsche were driven by bad guys (sic!), bandits
    – Citroen DS were driven by french connection affiliates or Milan’s mafia gangsters (as a sign of prestige and superiority on Ferraris as in Polizotto Sprint… see this )

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