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December 8, 2023

A Re-Bodied Aston Martin DB2 By “Wacky” Arnolt

by Mike –

Recently I wrote about S. H. “Wacky” Arnolt And His Arnolt-Bristol Cars.

Arnolt-Aston Martin

In that article I said,

“… he also had Bertone rebody six Aston Martin DB2s which were badged as the Arnolt-Aston Martin.”

In the back of my mind I knew that I had seen an Arnolt-Aston Martin and with some time searching my photo collection I found these photos of one of the rare Arnolt-Aston Martins.

The number of people and the width of the street did not allow for better photos. Back in 2006 I was not publishing My Car Quest so I did not expect to share these photos or I would have tried harder to get a photo of the rear view.

Notice how Arnolt tried to keep the trademark Aston Martin grille shape.

Arnolt-Aston Martin

These photos were taken at the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance in 2006 after the cars were parked on Ocean Avenue in Carmel.

2006 is a long time ago that’s why it took me so long to find these photos.

Arnolt-Aston Martin interior

While this is a beautiful car I am not sure that it is an improvement over the original Aston Martin DB2 design.

What do you think about this design?

Arnolt-Aston Martin logo

This article was originally published in January 2013.

A Re-Bodied Aston Martin DB2 By
Article Name
A Re-Bodied Aston Martin DB2 By
The Arnolt-Aston Martin is a re-bodied Aston Martin DB2 - a very rare car.


  1. Sorry, but your statement, that Wacky “rebodied” 6 cars is simply wrong. Arnolt originally purchased 6 CHASSIS, LML 50/502-LML 50/507. The odd numbered cars were fitted with what later became the Arnolt Bristol design, and the even numbered cars with a more conventional drophead design. 5 of these cars currently exist; 1 of the conventional cars having burned in one of the shop’s fires. A couple of years later 2 more Aston chassis, LML 762 and 765 were completed. 765 was completed first, with a coupe body similar to what had been fit on a Jaguar chassis. 762 was a unique drophead design, and was the last completed, and according to what I remember, was originally the ONLY car to carry the “Arnolt Aston Martin” badge. This badge has been copied & fitted to some of the others. In addition to myself, LML 762 was once owned by Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd, and now resides in a private Swiss collection.

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