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February 26, 2024

Iso Grifo For Sale – Online Auction

by Mike –

This Iso Grifo is for sale by auction on My Car Quest Auction Online from August 10, 8:00 AM to August 30, 1:00 PM (GMT -08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Estimate: $350,000 – $450,000 USD

Car Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Check out the online auctionclick here.

The pinnacle of the Iso GT car is the beautiful Grifo. More and more car lovers have recognized the Iso Grifo in recent years as a great GT that compares very favorably to period GTs from Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and all other GT manufacturers. This helps explain a dramatic increase in the value of the Iso Grifo over the last few years, which has kept pace with, or exceeded, the market appreciation for collectable cars.

Iso Grifo For Sale

The combination of the vision of Renzo Rivolta, the engineering expertise of several key Iso employees like Pierluigi Raggi, the technical contributions of Giotto Bizzarrini (the engineer in charge of the development of the Ferrari 250 GTO) and the brilliant styling of Giorgetto Giugiaro of Bertone resulted in one of the most admired sports cars of the past fifty years. Nuccio Bertone also played a critical role in the creation of the Iso Grifo.

1972 Iso Grifo For Sale At My Car Quest Auction Online

Iso Grifo For Sale

Make: Iso
Model: Grifo
Year: 1972
Chassis number: #387
Exterior: Red (Ferrari Rosso Corsa)
Interior: Black Leather
Engine: Ford 351 Cleveland – original engine
Transmission: ZF 5-speed
Configuration: RHD (can be converted back to LHD)
ZF power steering
Odometer: 56,000 km (35,000 miles)
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Vehicle can be delivered to the port of Fremantle, Western Australia for international shipment.
Clear Western Australia title and full registration.
All Australian taxes paid.

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo For Sale


Iso Grifo #387 is one of the last Grifos made and one of only thirty-four 5.8-litre Ford engine Iso Grifos. It is fitted with a 5-speed ZF gearbox, air-conditioning and ZF power steering.

Leaving the Iso production line on 12 September 1972 chassis number 387 was first registered in Italy on 28 June 1973 in the Province of Como to Mario Zappa where it resided on the edge of picturesque Lake Como in the town of Mandello Del Lario.

Iso Grifo For Sale Engine

This Grifo was originally painted white with a blue velour interior. Service records indicate that #387 was owned until at least January 1975 by Mario Zappa. The car was painted red with the interior retrimmed in black and exported to the USA sometime between 1975 and 1982.

Iso Grifo For Sale Interior

Iso Grifo For Sale Interior

George Clark (a well-known member of the US Iso & Bizzarrini club) owned the car from 1982 until 1994 during which time it was kept in storage. The car was purchased in 1994 with 45,000 kms on the odometer, and exported to Australia, where it was subject to a light restoration and conversion to right hand drive, at this point an original Iso ZF power steering system was installed.

Being a later car, #387 benefitted from factory epoxy primer, combined with low usage and years of dry storage. As a result only minimal rust repairs were required during restoration. The restoration involved a bare metal repaint to Ferrari Rosso Corsa and a retrim of the interior in Black Connolly leather hides. The engine was disassembled and inspected, showing minimal wear no machining work was required. During the 21 years with the current owner the car has travelled 11,000 kms.

Iso Grifo For Sale Interior

Iso Grifo For Sale Interior

Iso Grifo For Sale Interior

Current condition summary

Iso Grifo #387 is best described as being in very good driver condition, its body remains in original condition not having had to go through the ordeal of extensive rust repairs or panel replacement. Some improvements have been made to the car to suit the hot dry environment in Western Australia including uprated air-conditioning and engine cooling (alloy radiator with modern electric fans). This Grifo can happily sit in traffic on a 43 degree Celsius Perth day and keep its occupants cool. The original York compressor, condenser, radiator, and fans are all available with the car.

The performance of the car has been improved through a quad down draft 48mm idf Weber set up on an alloy inlet manifold and alloy cylinder heads. Original Holley carburetor and heads are all available with the car. A stainless header and exhaust system have also been fitted to the vehicle.

Iso Grifo For Sale

No. 387 has benefitted from a full suspension rebushing, rebuilding of the Koni dampers, brake calipers, master cylinder and various other systems whilst remaining in use. The vehicle could benefit with a new front windscreen.

The car comes with the original left hand drive steering column and pedal assembly making the conversion back to LHD relatively easy. The Iso ZF power steering box can be remounted to the left hand side of the vehicle.

Iso Grifo For Sale

This Grifo is a well sorted car that is a pleasure to drive whilst being extremely fast and usable, even in modern traffic. It would not take a big investment to bring #387 up to concours standard and return the car to left hand drive. Alternatively #387 makes for a truly exotic grand tourer that still covers great distances at speed in complete comfort.

There is no evidence of accident damage, there are some minor dents on the sides as a result of other car doors bumping the car when parked and there is no rust.

Iso Grifo For Sale

Known ownership history

28 June 1973 – 1975 Mario Zappa Mandello Del Lario, Como Italy
1975 – 1982 Unknown
1982 – 29 November 1994 George Clark Cambria, Califorina USA
29 November 1994 – current Brian Mangano Perth, Australia

Featured by invitation to the celebration of the motorcar event Australia.

Iso Grifo For Sale

Restoration summary

• Body bare metal repaint – 1997
• Interior retrimmed – 1997
• Instruments restored -1997
• Engine rebuild, new bearings, cam, lifters and timing chain – 1997
• Gearbox service (4th gear syncromesh needs care when cold)- 2000
• Differential serviced – 2004
• Suspension fully rebuilt – 2004
• Brake system fully rebuilt – 2008
• Cooling system upgraded – 2012
• Air-conditioning system upgraded to R34a – 2012
• Weber induction system – 2013
• CHI alloy heads – 2013

Car Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Contact: the owner by email – click here.

Check out the online auctionclick here.

More photos are in the slide shows below.

Iso Grifo For Sale Logo

Iso Grifo For Sale

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Iso Grifo For Sale - Online Auction
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Iso Grifo For Sale - Online Auction
This beautiful Iso Grifo is up for auction on My Car Quest Auction Online.


  1. Wow, what a killer car! This is an awesome Grifo. Might take a special buyer as it is a right hand driver, but other than that this is perfection in an automobile.

    I had the opportunity to drive one about 10 years ago and it had all kinds of power and style. Great job on getting this for your auction!

  2. Ex George Clark car if you wan’t a RHD series two Ford this is the one to have.

  3. Wow! This car is so beautiful! I’m amazed that it looks so great to have the body in original condition.

  4. Some great photos of a beautiful car! The car looks in great condition – it’s clear that it was loved. I’m sure the new owners will get a lot of joy from it too. A sunny day, cruising down the coast, in this classic Grifo, can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and red goes faster, too…

  5. Domenic Stelle says

    The perfect combination of the assets of Italian and American engineering. This is my personal favorite car of all time.

  6. Hardeep Singh says

    Wow I had never seen that car before, its truly is one of the most beautiful car I’ve seen! I wish I could buy it one day…

  7. Have always admired this ISO, seen it on a number of occasions. Would love to keep it here too

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