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April 15, 2024

Car Of The Day – Intermeccanica Italia Spider For Sale

by Mike –

Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica is a car manufacturer, founded by Frank Reisner in 1959 in Italy. The company later relocated to Canada.

Intermeccanica started making speed equipment kits for Renault, Simca, Peugeot and other cars. Free-flow exhaust systems were developed for 50 or more European cars in cooperation with an Italian tube company.

In 1966 Intermeccanica decided to build fully assembled cars. The Intermeccanica Italia is a Ford V8 powered sports car styled by Bob Cumberford. John Crosthwaite did the chassis design and Genser Forman of New Jersey was the distributor for the United States.

Both a coupe version and a convertible version were made and approximately 500 of these gorgeous Italias were produced between 1967 and 1972.

The Intermeccanica Italia Spider shown below is for sale on eBay.

The Buy It Now price is $155,000 USD.

Intermeccanica Italia Spider

Intermeccanica Italia Spider

The seller wrote,

This car is well sorted and also comes with A/C making it a very usable sports car. It has participated in the Copperstate and Colorado Grand so it can be driven with confidence.

I like this Italia and I like the idea of air conditioning especially after this hot season we have had. I am not sure how often I would use the A/C in a Spider but it is nice to have the option. And the Spider is much better looking than the Coupe model, in my opinion.

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  1. This should be your next car, especially because it has a/c. A car without a/c isn’t worth driving in California. I had an Allante that I use to drive with top down and the a/c on full. But I’m old and fat.

  2. I once took one of these (a coupe) in trade from Sonny Bono, when I sold him my Ferrari 250LM. It’s been so many years that I have no recollection of it’s drivability. I agree with you; the convertible is prettier

    Do you have any knowledge of this car? Correct? Rating on a one to five scale? The price doesn’t seem too outrageous.

    • Sorry Ed, I do not know anything else about this car beyond the eBay ad. I agree that the price is not over the top.

      I think the coupe would look better if it would have been a fastback but then the rear body design would have to be changed to make the Spider version.

      What happened to Sonny’s car? I’ll bet it is still around So. Cal. somewhere.

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