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July 19, 2024

Car Of The Day – For Sale A Ferrari 400 Once Owned By John McEnroe

by Mike –

I like this Ferrari style – it is elegant, understated and yet still a real V12 Ferrari.

The Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, Ferrari 400 and Ferrari 412 are all related having evolved from the same platform with each new model having a larger engine and a transition to fuel injection and automatic transmission.

Because they are 2+2 configurations many in the Ferrari world have not coveted them – but that is changing as all things Ferrari are becoming more valuable. This one is a very friendly Ferrari V12 with air-conditioning and an automatic transmission but still powered by that great sounding and powerful V12 Ferrari engine.

Ferrari 400i

Ferrari 400i

The seller writes,

1983 Ferrari 400I A with 50,477 (miles) in black with tan interior. Believed to be originally owned by former world champion tennis player John McEnroe. Very presentable car. Equipped with an automatic transmission, air conditioning and power windows. Also comes with the tool kit, spare tire, documentation and work shop manuals. Excellent original California car. Very collectible. Mechanically sound.

When a seller says believed to be originally owned by … this means there may be a question. If it matters to the buyer then further investigation is a good idea.

I think what really matters the most is the car itself, the condition, how well it has been maintained and of course the specific model. Unless the former owner is Steve McQueen I am not sure it matters that the believed former owner is a tennis legend. This is a matter of opinion and others may not agree.

Check out this Ferrari on eBay at this link.

Ferrari 400i

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John Mcenroe


  1. Dan Rinker says

    Remember just how ugly some of the bumpers were in this era? I do know that the European market cars got much better bumper treatments than the ones which were imported into the U.S. because of the requirements we have over those in Europe. But this car’s are svelte. I wish the horrible Lotus ones, same era, had gotten similar attention. And… the ugly bumpers suffered with the “coatings” in that same time frame, so they all had such a patchy patina after a while. So… even if the Ferrari’s were reconditioned, they were at least better looking to begin with!
    Who made the automatic transmissions used in this car?

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