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February 24, 2024

The Holden Hurricane

Could The Holden Hurricane Have Been A Corvette Competitor?
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Could The Holden Hurricane Have Been A Corvette Competitor?
An innovative advanced design by the Australian company, GM Holden, is a beautiful concept car.


  1. Can’t believe how futuristic this is for a 55 year old design! Beautiful.

  2. Glenn Krasner says

    Definitely the car of the future in many ways. Interestingly, GM announced this week that 2016 the last year for Australian Holden production. Future cars will be badge-engineered from plants outside of Australia. Same thing with Ford after 2017. The last domestic manufacturer in Australia will now be Nissan. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

    • Too bad for Holden, they did good work I think.

      • Yep, I would say GM’s loss.
        Not only have Holden been at the forefront for the last 55-60 years but even in the last decade,
        the Monaro was rebadged by GM subsiduaries and sold around the world as a serious competitor to more expensive European marques. They even provided the chassis, under-carriage and handling characteristics similar to high end European cars for the Camaro.

  3. Still looks Futuristic even today and would have given the Italians a run in the period, but probably only the ITALIANS could have got this to market and accepted, Holden, who!!!

    • But Holden who? was owned by General Motors – the largest car company in the world at the time!

      What if GM had branded this with a GM brand (Chevy or Pontiac) and put the GM company behind it? Heck why not brand it a Corvette?

  4. The list of features on the Holden reads like an option sheet on many of today’s cars. Only 10 years go these features were proprietary to high end automobiles. GM didn’t want or need a competitor to the Vette, perhaps the reason why this car is a one-off

  5. If you thought this was nice,have a look at Holden GTR-X. Another winner killed by the bean counters !!!!!

  6. Wim van de Kimmenade says

    IMHO this car has very futuristice features for a design of that time!

    So terrific work from the Aussie brand of GM!

    Personally, the rear end reminds me of the FordGT40.
    The covered rear wheels are not to my own taste!
    However, it should never be forgotten that there as many tastes as there people in our world!

    In any case, I take off my hat for the designer (or design-team)

  7. metalflake paint !!!…designers were definitely hot rodders at heart……. I remember reading about this car in ‘wheels’ & ‘Australian hot rodding review’ mags back in the day…as in the states the mid 60’s to early ’70’s (’74’ish) was the hey day for aussie cars – holden monaro gts + torana gtr / xu1, ford falcon gtho, Chrysler charger R/T E37 / E48.

  8. Very Pininfarina–front clip shades of 308 Ferrari. Blind spots?

  9. Robb Northrup says


    Great car! I remember reading about it at the time and thinking that it should be the next Corvette! It looked great, had the performance, and had class.

    Oh well, another one lost to history…

    Robb Northrup
    President, Apollo owners Registry

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