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June 21, 2024

A Found Lamborghini Espada Driving Video

by Mike –

This video below is how I imagine it will be when I get our ’71 Lamborghini Espada on the road.

They captured the joy of driving a really cool car – it looks like fun don’t you think?

The video is only 2:29 long – put it on full screen.

Below is our newly acquired Espada waiting for the day when we will be driving.

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada



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A Found Lamborghini Espada Driving Video
Article Name
A Found Lamborghini Espada Driving Video
Watch this cool Lamborghini Espada video.


  1. Driving gloves, really? I didn’t think that Lamborghini attracted the cheese balls until the Countach. And then to cover that wonderful engine sound with bad music – inexcusable!

  2. David W. Allison, MD says

    In my opinion, driving a classic car is the ONLY time that driving gloves can be worn and one not look like a fop…

  3. Bruce Caron says

    Great sound! I agree with Dave, could have done without the music. Let that be a lesson to you Mike when you make a new Espada driving video.

  4. Anthony Rainone says

    I thought that was excellent. Music and all for you and your friends in a Lamborghini…it is 70’s cool.

  5. Cool is as cool does.
    I think that this is as cool as can be. Especially like the final sequence of ‘4 up’ and cruising.
    I still think the Espada is the ultimate 4 seater express. Low. long and sleeeeeek.

  6. John in Fargo says

    Want one.

  7. Dan Birnel says

    You are right. Music in a car video is a distraction at best and mostly annoying when the reason people click in is to listen to the motor soundtrack. That’s what I want to hear. Otherwise a fine video.

  8. Joe in BC says

    A much more enjoyable Espada video is Harry’s Garage road trip from Italy through France to the UK.

    Joe in BC

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