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July 24, 2024

Old Car Advertisements

by Mike –

More than one GT40 for sale in the same magazine! Even in 1971 a used Ford GT 40 was $15,000, however, it still would have been a great investment.

Ford GT40

Ford GT40

These classified ads are from the April 1971 issue of Road & Track as are the first two manufacturer advertisements below. Notice the GT40 ads above are listed by the same owner!

Ford Pinto

Remember the Pinto? I have not seen one for many years.

Chevrolet Vega

I had forgotten that the Vega was the Car of the Year. I have seen a Cosworth Vega recently.

Jaguar XKE Advertisement

This Jaguar XKE advertisement has an attention getting title.

Plymouth Advertisement

I have not thought about a Plymouth in a long time.

Triumph TR6 Advertisement

I owned a Triumph TR6 at one time but this ad above would not have inspired me much.

Holden Hurricane Advertisement

This advertisement for the Australian Holden Hurricane is inspiring – too bad this car did not go into production.

Victress Advertisement

I don’t think I have ever seen a Victress in person.

Bucchanan Cobra Advertisement

I have never heard of a Buchanan Cobra.

Lamborghini 350GT Advertisement

In the Lamborghini ad above is the same West Coast dealer than originally sold my Lamborghini Espada.

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Voisin Advertisement

Old Car Advertisements
Article Name
Old Car Advertisements
Reading old car magazines is entertaining - especially the advertisements.


  1. I am dying to know what Harry Heinl replaced the GTs with… I was shocked when Mike sold his Iso/Bizzarini and I can only imagine the mental/emotional process involved. My friend recently experienced buyer’s remorse when he sold his 1963 Falcon Sprint — maybe the saving factor is having the next toy lined up before the paring down begins…

  2. And.. (before I go!! Hah!) That same friend owned a Victress coupe in his past as well. In that case, at 6’3″ or so it was problematic for him to get in and out of that high framed “kit car” so he let it go. He is very interested in how it’s doing — supposedly the buyer told him it was for an auto museum of some kind, but he ran out of contact with the fellow as time went by.

  3. The TR6 brings back memories!

  4. Do you have any old Hemmings ad’s for Iso’s? I remember seeing Grifo ads back in the 80’s for 25-30k..

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