My Car Quest

July 13, 2024

Car Buyers Beware

by Mike Gulett - I was reading an article this week about a Lamborghini Espada with a Chevy engine for sale on eBay. When I looked at the eBay listing the car reminded me of an Espada that sold recently on Bring a Trailer, so I looked at the BaT … [Read more...]

Marketing: Tesla – No TV Commercials, No Print Ads – But For How Long?

by Wallace Wyss - At the risk of invalidating the first few years of my professional life—where I was an ad copywriter in Detroit--I have come to wonder if automakers advertising their cars on TV or in print is at all useful. I began to … [Read more...]

Beautiful Women in Car Advertisements

by Mike Gulett - Advertisers have used beautiful women to sell just about everything since the beginning of advertising, well actually since before advertising. And it still works today. This is true even if the buyer is a women but it works … [Read more...]

Advertising: Chevy Advertises The ’66 Chevy!

by Wallace Wyss - When I was a Detroit ad copywriter back in the Sixties one account I toiled on was the Chevrolet account. Only occasionally could I "waste space" talking about the great Chevys of the past, like the time I wrote a Corvette … [Read more...]

Great Car Magazine Advertisements

by Wallace Wyss - I don't know if in the era that follows the Great Plague, if car ads will work on us the same way they once did. But as a former copywriter of car ads (for marques as diverse as Chevrolet, Ford, Olds and Lancia) I think I'm … [Read more...]

Ford Comes Up With a Dynamite Advertising Campaign Just When We Need It

Ford Produces A Life-Saving Idea by Wallace Wyss - Ford did something really commendable this week, they decided to help out folks who bought a Ford and are now rendered jobless by the coronavirus. The spots plug a car payment relief … [Read more...]