My Car Quest

September 28, 2020

The Intermeccanica Italia: Has It Been Too Long Ignored?

Another case where a hybrid (European chassis and body with American power) was slow to appreciate. by Wallace Wyss - Founder Frank Reisner was a Hungarian born engineer who, although he had a good job in Canada, that had nothing to do with … [Read more...]

Is The Collector Car Of Your Dreams Out Of Reach Now?

by Mike - Collector car prices have increased significantly over the past few years and maybe the object of your desire is out of reach now - unless you were lucky enough to acquire it before the price increases. Unfortunately many of us did … [Read more...]

Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women – Continued

by Mike - The Post yesterday, Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women, resulted in several comments sent to me directly in addition to the Comments at the end of the Post. Here are some advertisements and brochures sent in by readers with some of … [Read more...]

The Color Green

by Mike - I love green cars and orange cars. But I have never owned a green, nor an orange, car. Here are some of my favorite green cars. The two cars above were at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in August 2012. This … [Read more...]

Classic Car Prices And Market Trends – Part 2

by Mike - Recently I wrote about some of my questions about classic car prices and market trends. In the October issue of Octane magazine Dave Kinney, the Publisher of The Hagerty Price Guide, mentions some of my favorite cars as "cars selling … [Read more...]

Italian Convertible Sports Cars – The Intermeccanica Italia

by Mike - Dan Eastwood (from Michigan) posted a comment a few days ago asking a question about the Iso Grifo Spider. He sent a picture of an Iso Grifo targa with a plastic rear window which I posted asking for help identifying the car. Simon … [Read more...]