My Car Quest

December 10, 2023

My Experience with the Intermeccanica Italia

Text and photos by Jim Simpson - When I was 17 years old serving my European car apprenticeship, I negotiated a deal with Speedwell Motors in Beaumont Texas for our shop to get the dealership rights for Houston for the Intermeccanica Italia these … [Read more...]

The Intermeccanica Italia an Italian Convertible Sports Car

Deep in the My Car Quest archives in the Wayback Machine from June 2012 I found this interesting article written by Dan Eastwood (from Michigan). Don't forget to read the comments as well. I love reader stories and if any of you want to make a … [Read more...]

Beautiful Women in Car Advertisements

by Mike Gulett - Advertisers have used beautiful women to sell just about everything since the beginning of advertising, well actually since before advertising. And it still works today. This is true even if the buyer is a women but it works … [Read more...]

Missing: 1969 Intermeccanica Italia IMX

Where is it now? by Wallace Wyss - I don't know where it is. I don't even know if it's worth finding. But it is a one off show car Intermeccanica made for the 1969 Turin show. I think it was an update of the Italia. A coupe version. … [Read more...]

The Passion of an Intermeccanica Italia Owner

Text and photos by Warren Seifer - I have had my Intermeccanica Italia for 25 years. During my tenure, I’ve restored it, keeping it as original as possible. The Ford 351 engine, Hurst linkage 4 speed, and Ford rear end have been … [Read more...]

Editorial: A Suggestion for Pebble Beach – An Intermeccanica Class

by Wallace Wyss - When I was a kid I'd go to the Greenfield Village Old Car Show, in a village built by Henry Ford to recall America as it was in his youth. But I'd be a little bored because too many of the cars were from the teens or '30s. And … [Read more...]