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February 23, 2024

Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder By Tom Meade

by Mike –

At first glance I thought this was a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder but once I looked right at it then it is apparent it is not. Yet it may be more beautiful than the more famous 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder.

Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder

This is a Ferrari Nembo Spyder styled by American Tom Meade who passed away in 2013. It was made by Giorgio Neri & Luciano Bonacini (Neri and Bonacini) who use the name Nembo – letters from their names and also the name of an Italian cartoon character with Superman-like powers.

Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder

Tom Meade was a free lance designer and car salesman who moved from California to Italy in the early 1960s to live his car obsessed dream. He designed some very exotic and beautiful modified Ferraris. The first one he named the Thomassima 1, which in Italian means “the maximum from Thomas.”

Tom Meade

Tom Meade

Tom Meade – Photo from an article by Larry Crane

There were other Thomassima models and he designed three Ferrari Nembo Spyders. He also designed modifications for Ferrari owners who wanted something a little more special.

Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder

The Nembo Spyder is reminiscent of the Ferrari 250 GTO and some people think his designs are more beautiful than the original Ferrari designs.

Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder

Neri & Bonacini worked frequently with Piero Drogo’s Modena Sports Cars who worked closely with Giotto Bizzarrini.

There were a total of three Ferrari Nembo Spyders made. The one shown here was at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in 2012.

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Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder

This was originally published in December 2013.



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Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder By Tom Meade
Article Name
Ferrari 250 SWB Nembo Spyder By Tom Meade
This is a very rare Ferrari Nembo Spyder styled by American Tom Meade who passed away in 2013.


  1. Lorenzo Marchesini says

    Nice Lancia berlina Flavia first series taillights on this superb and immaculate NART Nembo by the Great Tom Meade !!

  2. Meade may have been better than Pinninfarina

  3. Merkel Weiss says

    Why not take a few photos from the side of the car, lower than a standing position so that we can actually see what the car looks like in profile.

  4. Robert Hageman says

    This particular car (3771GT) was in fact mostly designed by William Dixon of Seattle. Have personally seen the numerous drawings and knew Dixon personally.

  5. Robert Hageman says

    More information on 3771GT regarding William Dixon’s involvement:

  6. Thanks Robert Hageman for posting this interesting information on an iconic vehicle and those who produced it.

  7. Barrie Russell says

    I knew Bill Dixon, and drove his car in 1968 when has was selling it for $5,500! I had just purchased, earlier that year, a 300SL Roadster with Euro headlights and Rudge wheels, so, at 21, I was unable to afford Bill’s car. Incidently, the windshield used on the car, which was rebodied by Neri & Bonnacini in Italy from a SWB Berlinetta that had been rolled, was from a 250LM (thus, very steeply raked, with access to the twin distributors through two trap doors on the dashboard. A kick to drive, and very fast.

  8. Joshua Lange says

    I am continuing the TIIII build, as Tom wished. I encourage any Tom Meade fans to follow my progress. Tom Meade’s legend lives on in my work and our Fantuzzi/Meade/Lange pedigree will continue to express itself in new designs.

  9. As Hageman points out this is the design work of Dixon, not Meade. Though Meade is the more well known of the two BOTH are designers and not stylists. Both men were entirely aware of the design aspects of the car in terms of overall build, integration with the platform, power train and suspension design, and both were far-reaching in their creative ambitions as entrepreneurs.

    The distinction might seem picky to most, but to designers who are often as capable as engineers, it is important to recognize their skill difference.

  10. Rollie Langston says

    Thanks Mike, for posting pictures and info on one of the very best Spyders of all (and there are some truly great ones). Interesting to me what was accomplished by such a small and diverse group of like-minded designers and enthusiasts from the far reaches of North America and northern Italy. Names like Bizzarrini, Drogo, Neri & Bonnacini, Meade, and now Bill Dixon and Joshua Lange to fill in the blanks and continue the story. Lots of impressive people had there hands and hearts invested in these treasures.

  11. Nice pictures, from any angle, of a beautiful car. Thanks for the informative article.

  12. Did you see meade photos for sale on eBay ?

  13. Here we have a pic of 3771 under construction (with hard top) as well as Bill’s drawings. Bill and I used to talk as he was designing it, as I had the original Nembo, S/N 1777 at that time.

    Well, rats! I don’t see how to post pix here. Sorry.

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