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June 22, 2024

Book Review: Iso Bizzarrini, The Remarkable History Of A3/C 0222

by Mike –

Title: Iso Bizzarrini, The Remarkable History Of A3/C 0222
Author: Richard Heseltine
Binding: Hardbound, slip cased
Pages: 128
Size: 11.25 in X 9.75 in
Publisher: This book is part of the Exceptional Cars series published by Porter Press International Ltd in the U.K.

Price: $49.95 on Amazon – click here

It is not often that we see a book written about an individual car but that is what we have here. The car subject is the most successful Iso Bizzarrini race car, chassis number 0222.

Iso Bizzarrini Book Cover

This Iso Bizzarrini race car was the winner of the Over 5-liter Prototype class and ninth overall at the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans driven by Regis Fraissinet and Baron Jean de Mortemart.

Iso Bizzarrini Book

The history of Giotto Bizzarrini and racing in the 1960s is covered in addition to the specifics of how Iso Bizzarrini No. 0222 was created. A short biography of all the drivers who raced No. 0222 is in there as well.

Iso Bizzarrini Book

The modern history is detailed as this race car moved from owner to owner over the years and was converted to a street car and back to a race car for historic racing and eventually ending up in the collection of Bruce Meyer in Beverly Hills, California who loves to collect Le Mans race cars.

Iso Bizzarrini Book

It has many excellent old photos, several on the race track. There are recent studio photos of No. 0222 after the restoration, commissioned by new owner Bruce Meyer, to bring it back to the form as when it raced at Le Mans in 1965.

This book would make an important addition to anyone’s car book collection.

Iso Bizzarrini Book

Contents of Iso Bizzarrini, The Remarkable History Of A3/C 0222

The Car

1) Ingenere Bizzarrini

2) Design and development

3) Technical analysis

The Races

4) Out on track 1964

5) ‘222’makes its debut

6) Le Mans 24 Hours

7) 12 Hours of Reims

8) Course de Cote de Mont Dore

9) 200 Miles of Zeltweg

What Bizzarrini Did Next

10) After 1965

Later life of 222

11) Restoration and revival

12) Photo gallery



The Author – Richard Heseltine is a journalist and author specialising in classic and contemporary performance cars. A former staff member of Classic & Sports Car and Motor Sport, for whom he remains a regular contributor, he has also written extensively for Octane, Classic Cars and Auto Italia in addition to newspapers such as The Guardian. He has written several books on subjects as diverse as the British specialist sports car industry and coachbuilt Ferraris. He has also owned, driven and pushed countless Italian classic cars over the past 25 years.

Iso Bizzarrini Book

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Book Review: Iso Bizzarrini, The Remarkable History Of A3/C 0222
Article Name
Book Review: Iso Bizzarrini, The Remarkable History Of A3/C 0222
This book records the history of the Iso Bizzarrini race car that won its class and finished in ninth place overall in the Le Mans 24 Hours of 1965.


  1. CJ Madson says

    It’s a very special car, and it was so cool to watch it drive by at Pebble, pull into a spot in the Bizzarrini “corral” and then watch Bruce climb out with a huge smile. Thanks for the review.

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