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July 23, 2024

Interesting Collector Cars For Less Than $50k USD-BMW 2002 tii

by Mike –

BMW 2002 tii

Between 1962 and 1977 BMW made their “New Class” sedans and coupes which helped save BMW from financial ruin and set the company on the path of being a major sport sedan maker.

The 02 series was made on a shortened New Class sedan chassis and was a success for BMW. They were popular when new and are loved classic collector cars today.

BMW 2002 tii

The 2002 tii engine is a 4-cylinder 1990cc with mechanical fuel injection producing 130 hp. The transmission was either a 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic.

BMW 2002 tii

The base 2002 model had a single-carburetor producing 101 hp and the 2002 ti dual-carburetor version with higher compression produced 119 hp. There were also 1,672 turbo charged models made in 1973-1974 which produced 170 hp.

The BMW 2002 competed in Trans Am racing with modest success.

The large number made means there are always several for sale at any given time and there are plenty of spare parts available.

These are sporty small coupes that seem to never go out of style.

BMW 2002

Number made: 38,701 from 1972 to 1974

Hagerty Price Guide value for a condition 2 example: $33,300 for ’72 & ’73 and $29,900 for ’74

Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide median price: $34,800

BMW 2002 tii

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For those of you who have visited the Monterey/Carmel area you may recognize the location where the BMW below was photographed for a MotorTrend Classic feature (photo by Julia LaPalme).

BMW 2002 tii

BMW 2002 tii advertisement

BMW Logo

Interesting Collector Cars For Less Than $50k USD-BMW 2002 tii
Article Name
Interesting Collector Cars For Less Than $50k USD-BMW 2002 tii
The BMW 2002 tii is a sporty small coupe and a sought after classic car that seems to never go out of style.


  1. Rob Krantz says

    Beside the 3.0 CS I used to own, probably my favorite BMW. Came close to owning a couple of Tii’s a number of years ago but never pulled the trigger. Wish I had as values have skyrocketed since! Great driving cars and I love their engine noise and their look.

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