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June 16, 2024

A “Mystery” Cars & Coffee Where The Emphasis Is On High Rollers

You got 30 days to figure out where this Cars & Coffee is located before the next one takes place…

by Wallace Wyss –

I predict the “secret “won’t be secret much longer—there’s a Cars & Coffee held monthly down in Southern California that outdoes all the other such informal meets by featuring more expensive cars than any of the others.

Cars & Coffee

I’m talking sights I saw at my first visit like six Bugatti Veyrons lined up in a row.

Or half a dozen Rolls Royce Phantom dropheads.

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee

And Porsches from any stage to almost full race car. A show where Porsche Carrera GTs are almost “ordinary” cars at this Cars & Coffee.

And a McLaren model that there’s only ten of in the US.

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee

Where is it? Ah, I’m nostalgic about it already–I want to see how long the “secret” can stay secret. Why? Because the trouble with most cars and coffee informal car shows is that they get populated by kit cars, or ordinary cars whose one stretch toward modification is a taped-on racing stripe, or muscle cars where the owners insist of showing off the not-that-modified engine.. Plus there’s the “burn out” exit that inevitably leads toward their eventual extinction.

Cars & Coffee

Here, at this event, you have cars that sometimes cost a million or more new, cars owned by movers and shakers of whatever industry they run, who come to the event not only to show off their cars but to rub elbows with equally economically qualified participants. Hopefully, they can refrain from the burnouts that typify the more hum-drum cars-n-coffees.

Cars & Coffee

Oh, I didn’t see the organizers turn away ordinary middle class cars, it’s just that the emphasis at this event is on high roller cars. The “ordinary” cars not dubbed classic are routed down the hill to an unseen parking lot.

And why not have an elite car informal car show here–a setting in an area that is known for celebrating achievement in entertainment. Coincidentally I used to be a staff member of a car magazine in the area and would run into show biz people daily (often not knowing who they were…)

Cars & Coffee

I hope this event stays the same for the next few months but it will be a struggle as word gets out. Am I being elitist? No, I just want to enjoy an arena well packed with the most expensive cars you can find outside of a parking lot in Dubai. Like a fisherman encountering a trout pond stocked with only the best trout…

Any guesses where it’s at?

PS the next replay is one month from now.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is a roving fine artist whose portraits of supercars will be at his booth at Concorso Italiano in Monterey this August. For a list of prints available, write

Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss Sitting on Something Expensive



A “Mystery” Cars & Coffee Where The Emphasis Is On High Rollers
Article Name
A “Mystery” Cars & Coffee Where The Emphasis Is On High Rollers
At this Cars & Coffee, you have cars that sometimes cost a million dollars or more new; cars owned by movers and shakers of whatever industry they run.


  1. ray traynor says

    Sunset Plaza West Hollywood.

  2. Wallace Wyss says

    I guess it wasn’t such a mystery…thanks for identifying it…

  3. I think C&C is the wave of the car-showing future.

    You are in and out in a matter of hours.
    It’s all about the cars, no trophies, picking lint out of fuseboxes, or $3000.00 wax.
    You see a range of cool stuff.
    It’s free to get in.

    Kids (in general) are not interested in museums and all day car shows.

    C&C is like the fast scrolling Pintrest page of cool stuff, only in person.

    • So this is the car show format for the internet age?

    • Mike Clarke says

      Agreed this is the future. We have a Cars N Coffee up in our small town in Northern California and on a nice day there may be 300 + cars. Every week the mix changes. Our cars N coffee actually has free coffee too!

      Starts at 8 over at 10:00 on with your day.

  4. Tom Bartley says

    Would a lowly 2003 Lotus Elise S2 rate a spot here ?. I’d bet it would still turn a few heads even in that company.

  5. Wallace Wyss says

    There was a Lotus there, can’t say which model, and even a Morgan. The non-super cars get to stay on what I call the “upper deck” but are just parked further down, away from the center of the action. The organizers tend to park the expensive cars all together. You might say it’s a car show where your spot is determined by your car’s value.

  6. The show was well organized. It had a nice longitudinal feel like a red carpet with a nice sections of Ferraris ,Lambos hyper cars at one end and Astons, Bentleys and Rolls close by which arent always represented at morning car meets. Even a firetruck.

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