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April 14, 2024

Drogo Ferrari 250 GT

by Mike –

In the post, More Classic Car Photos From Padova, Italy, Herbert Putz sent in photos of a beautiful blue Drogo Ferrari.

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Drogo Ferrari Replica

This motivated Stephen Mitchell to comment “The blue Drogo is a fascinating car with a mix of GTO themes and its own unique elements. There is (or was) a duplicate or replica of this body on a PF coupe in southern California that has been entirely done to GTO mechanical specs including 5-speed transmission and dry sump lubrication. I would love to have it or the one pictured here (the blue one).”

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Drogo Ferrari Replica interior

Stephen then sent these photos of this beautiful silver Ferrari he described above.

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Piero Drogo

Piero Drogo was born in Italy in 1926 but spent his youth in Venezuela. He was a race car driver and eventually went into business for himself as a coach builder forming Carrozzeria Sports Cars in Modena, Italy.

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Carrozzeria Sports Cars created bodywork for many different car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Iso, Bizzarrini and Scuderia Serenissima. Drogo also made his own car based on a Ferrari.

For Ferrari he made: P-type sportscars, the Dino 206S, the Ferrari 250 California and the famous 250 GTO “Breadvan”. For Bizzarrini he made some of the Bizzarrini GT 5300s and for Iso he made most of the A3/C Grifos.

Drogo Ferrari Replica

For individuals he made modified versions of the Jaguar E-Type, the Birdcage Maserati and others.

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Drogo Ferrari Replica

Piero Drogo was killed in 1973 driving a Ferrari 250 GT California in a street accident, not a racing accident. He was 46 years old.

Had he lived to a ripe old age I suspect Piero Drogo would have had a much bigger impact on the car world.


Jack Koobs de Hartog and Marc De Rijck have written the book about Drogo, find it on Amazon at the link below.

DROGO, The Official Coachbuilder of the Scuderia Ferrari by Jack Koobs de Hartog (2015-06-06)

This was originally posted in November 2012.


  1. When I saw and photographed this car, I found it to be a highly seductive proposition. The asking price seemed to me to be in line with its value and excitement quotient. I wonder what it would fetch today…

    • onaroll says

      Wasn’t this one of the cars that Rob Walton owned and parked under his awning at Monterey a few years back?

  2. Superb pics..and very nicely maintained..!!

  3. Robert Feldman says

    Any chance there is a couple of unobstructed photos that would allow us to really soak this one in?

  4. jim Carpenter says

    The Old Racing Car company in England has this car for sale if you have interest
    Tool Room copy of Ulf Norinder’s 250 GTO Drogo #3445GT
    Built by the same craftsman using the same bucks as #3445GT
    Described by the author of book Drogo: Official Coachbuilder of the Scuderia Ferrari as ‘without doubt the best Drogo Recreation’.
    Eligible for FIA/HTP and historic racing car that was featured in the Drogo book

  5. wallace wyss says

    The funny thing about this car is that it kicked around for awhile, before 250GTOs were valuable
    and no doubt many passed it up figuring “Yeah, I heard that it’s a GTO underneath but if you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn. And then somebody rebodied it as a GTO and it’s probably worth $50 million today. So it’s a kick that even the wrong body got copied….I think it’s better looking than the 250GTO as well

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