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March 31, 2023

Cars On The Street During Monterey Car Week

by Mike –

Monterey Car Week tends to bring out the best of cars on the streets (at least very interesting cars and other vehicles). Some of them are on the way to or from a show and others are being driven as transportation.

Citroën DS Convertible

Citroën DS Convertible

People from all around the Monterey Peninsula area and further away bring out their really cool cars during this week. Many of the photos here were taken from a moving car as we drove around. There are many other cars that I was not quick enough to catch with a camera.

Aston Martin - Monterey Car Week

Aston Martin DB11 in front of the Sunset Center in Carmel where an Aston Martin event was held

Monterey Car Week was Monday August 20 through Sunday August 26, 2018.

Here are a few of my photos.

Iso Grifo - Monterey Car Week

Iso Grifo on Carmel Valley Road

Pagani - Monterey Car Week

Pagani at the Sunset Center

Auburn - Monterey Car Week

Auburn at the Carmel Mission Inn

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VW - Monterey Car Week

Rusty Volkswagen Beetle at Baja Cantina

Cars On The Street During Monterey Car Week
Article Name
Cars On The Street During Monterey Car Week
Cool cars are seen all over the Monterey Peninsula during Monterey Car Week.


  1. stephen turkfeld says

    i appreciate you posting the photos. they are amazing. but if i may suggest that adding the name and year of the cars would be helpful. not all of us are experts. thanks.

    • OK, Stephen – I added labels as best that I could. Remember most of these photos were taken from a moving car and some were taken while I was driving.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Mike<
    Selfie, and label the car you were driving

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