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March 1, 2024

Badges – We Need Badges

by Mike –

Car badges are created to commemorate various car events such as rallies, races, concours d’elegance and other events. These event badges are given to participants and are not sold to the public.

Quail Badges

Some badges are meant to be attached to the car either on the outside or inside (some have a peel off film with tape on the back ready to be stuck to the inside) and some are meant for display only. The Quail badges shown here are thick and heavy, intended for display only I believe, except the miniature silver dollar size one shown above which is, I think, intended to be displayed in the car maybe hanging from the rear view mirror or looped over the gear shifter.

In all cases these badges remind us of an event we participated in. Looking at my own badges I think about that day, that event, who I was with and which car(s) I displayed.

The Quail Badge

Here are images of some of my badges from two Concours d’Elegance events plus badges from the previous owner of my Lamborghini Espada who seems to have saved every badge he earned. A car badge collection shares a history.

The Quail Badge

Let us know what you think in the Comments. Tell us about your car badges.



Hillsborough Badges 1

Hillsborough Badges 2

Hillsborough Badges 3

E. P. (Chuck) Charlton’s badges for Lamborghini Espada No. 8155

Click the image for a larger view.

E. P. (Chuck) Charlton's badges for Lamborghini Espada No. 8155

E. P. (Chuck) Charlton's badges for Lamborghini Espada No. 8155

Badges - We Need Badges
Article Name
Badges - We Need Badges
Car event badges are given to participants and are not sold to the public.


  1. Don Meluzio says

    I like Chucks’ Plaque with all of the Badges on it. Nice way to keep them and show them..

  2. Lennox McNeely says

    I am moving house and just this week ran into a drawer with a bunch of badges–I was wondering what to do with them but you’ve inspired me to keep them. My three Targa Newfoundland’s are the best my three Mille Miglia’s are a square piece of laminated plastic. Guess the MM does not need to spend the $$ to attract competitors. Cheers,
    you make my mornings as the stock market tumbles.

    • Lennox,

      I am glad that I can help you think about good things even if for a little while. I like Chuck Charlton’s idea of posting his badges on a display board. It keeps them together and they can be arranged in chronological order, or some other order of choice.

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