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December 11, 2023

Ferrari Pinin From 1980

by Mike –

Walking across the lawn at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering this past August I saw this unusual Ferrari in the distance and at first I thought it was a Ferrari 400. But after getting closer I realized it was something I had not seen before.

Notice the curved door glass and the unusual tail lights.

Ferrari Pinin

Ferrari Pinin

Below is the description from The Quail catalog,

The Ferrari Pinin was a one-off concept car created by Italian design studio Pininfarina. Discussed by Enzo Ferrari as being turned into a production model, the concept was dropped and the car remains a unique model, the first four-door Ferrari ever built. The project came from Sergio Pininfarina, who dreamed of designing an Italian competitor for luxury four-door saloons. Mauro Forghieri, Ferrari’s Chief Engineer during the 1960s and 1970s was tasked to make the concept car road capable by using the same five-liter, 12-cylinder motor as conceived by Pininfarina. Its current owner, who was out bid during the Maranello auction, tracked the car for nine years until he finally purchased it in 2017.

Owner: Prof. Dr. Anthony Nobles – US Virgin Islands

Ferrari Pinin

Ferrari Pinin

Ferrari Pinin

Ferrari Pinin

Ferrari Pinin

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Photos by Bruce Caron and Mike Gulett.

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Ferrari Pinin From 1980
Article Name
Ferrari Pinin From 1980
A one-off Ferrari with four doors!


  1. Trevor Gaunt says

    This looks like the car I saw auctioned by Coys during the Monaco Historic GP weekend in 2010. The selling owner was no less than Jacques Swaters, the ex-racer and Ecurie Francorchamps garage owner, the Belgian Ferrari franchise. The colour Blu Swaters was named for him. Among his many races, he took part in the infamous 1955 Le Mans. He saw me inspecting his car and engaged me in conversation. In hindsight I wish I had asked him to autograph my auction catalogue. He had just had to prove his identity to Coys’ representatives. The catalogue description of the car claimed the sale was because M.Swaters had died recently. In fact, he passed away the following December. Coys corrected their website, but it was too late for the catalogue. David Coulthard also attended the auction.


    • imwithstoopid says

      A waste if only because to could have been a nice start for a line of “family” cars for him.
      Only needed a few tweaks to align it to the then standard production.
      I like a nice sedan or coupe for four passengers.

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