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June 16, 2024

Renault Show Car Surprisingly Exotic

by Wallace Wyss –

Surprising to me. I don’t ordinarily look up Renaults, but accidentally came across this two seater electric coupe, called the ZOE which has 200 miles of range on a charge. It’s actually “old news” to those who follow the auto shows, having come out in 2016 but hey, like I said, I don’t usually look to Renault for high style.


The Trezor is based on the Coupé DeZir concept unveiled back in 2010, but with an electric power train.


Like an American kit car of the ‘70s, it features a giant and totally claustrophobic impractical one-piece door, but for show purposes that is perfect to showcase the elegant interior with a dashboard made from red wood. Luggage is carried up front.

Renault teamed up with KEIM-cycles to use renowned wood for the dashboard, which also features superimposed thin strips of ash.


For the Trezor’s powertrain, Renault used what they learned from the Renault e.dams, two-time winner of the Formula E Teams’ world title. The show car motor has a maximum power of 260kW (350hp) and peak torque of 380Nm.

The vehicle is even equipped with the same regenerative braking system from Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) found in Formula E racing cars.


The car has two battery packs, each using different cooling systems optimized for different conditions.

Will it be a production car? Will Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Bugatti all have to burn the midnight oil to compete with, egad, Renault? Hey, it could happen. Sorry again I got the word on this car out late, but maybe later is better than never….

Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss has been a guest lecturer on car design at the Art Center College of Design. As a fine artist, he is marketing portraits of collector cars. Interested prospects can write him at


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Renault Show Car Surprisingly Exotic
Article Name
Renault Show Car Surprisingly Exotic
The Trezor is based on the Coupé DeZir concept unveiled back in 2010, but with an electric power train.


  1. Peter Carniglia says

    Late maybe, but now I want one. 🙂

  2. Pretty darn neat, I managed to miss this one too.

  3. Robert Feldman says

    If AOC is going to have any success in floating “The Green Deal” I think every car guy should get one of these for free! (Heaven forbid, I will keep my internal combustion engines, Thank You!)

  4. John in Fargo says

    It IS a looker.

  5. That door reminds me of the Sterling.

  6. Wayne Watkins says

    The American kit car of the 70’s with the one piece lift up canopy or door was actually made under licence to Nova Cars UK who introduced it as a VW powered kit car , which was made in Australia as a Purvis Eureka either in kit or fully assembled form and was made under licence in many other countries . But this Renault is a stunner .

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