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April 15, 2024

Homage To Hollywood’s Le Mans

by Mike Gulett –

“I don’t know what category to put them in,” says fine artist Wallace Wyss. “Nostalgia art? Film homage?”

He’s speaking of a new series of paintings he’s making of historical settings of Le Mans but with modern day actors.

“I know I’m going to be a big fan of the new film Ford v. Ferrari, says Wyss. “I think it will create a lot of new fans for that golden era in the ‘60s when Ford, as David, tackled Ferrari (Goliath) at Le Mans and won,” says Wyss, a creative artist who creates art when not riding the range at a horse breeding ranch in the Inland Empire.

“It occurred to me that, after seeing this movie, some folks may want to remember the drama with some wall art in their man cave showing Matt Damon as Shelby rather than the real Shelby and likewise with Christian Bale as Miles. This is the first one.”

Wyss, a historian with 18 books to his credit, has published three with Le Mans coverage.

Will his interpretations look like the real personalities? “Maybe more than the actors do,” he says. “I might add a little curly hair on Damon, like Shelby had. And make Christian Bale’s nose longer because in the movie he plays Ken Miles who was called ‘the Hawk’ because of his outsize proboscis.”

All will be offered in one size — 20” x 30.” He hasn’t decided on the other settings or personalities, but is considering a Ferrari P3 with Enzo, a Mk. I GT40 from ’64 with Shelby, and the ill-fated J-car (predecessor to the Mk.IV) .

For pricing and availability, contact Wyss by email –

Ford GT40 Mk. II art by Wallace Wyss

“A Cowboy at Le Mans” Lead character from The Film
(detail from larger painting by Wallace Wyss)

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Homage To Hollywood's Le Mans
Article Name
Homage To Hollywood's Le Mans
Will his art interpretations look like the real personalities? “Maybe more than the actors do,” Wyss says.

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