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June 20, 2024

Another Volkswagen – The Type 34 Ghia

With the many car events canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic we will not see the car action we are accustomed to at this time of year. I thought it would be a good idea to reach back into the My Car Quest archives and occasionally re-post certain articles with lots of photos of interesting cars and events to help us get through.

Here is the second one – another Volkswagen from the San Luis Obispo Concours (California) in June 2015.

Mike Gulett, Publisher

by Mike Gulett –

Here is yet another Volkswagen that attracted my attention at the 2015 San Luis Obispo Concours. From a distance it is easy to think this is a custom Chevrolet Corvair but that is far from the truth.

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

1968 Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

The Volkswagen 1500 Karmann-Ghia (Type 34) was introduced by VW in September 1961. The Type 34 used the new flat 1500cc engine with body styling by Ghia.

The electronic sun roof shown below was an option. The Type 34 was the fastest production VW model of its day and the most expensive until the 914 was introduced.

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

It was not sold in the US with more than 42,000 made originally, although there are a few in the US now. Despite that it is rare to see one in person.

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

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Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia

All photos by Mike Gulett.

Another Volkswagen - The Type 34 Ghia
Article Name
Another Volkswagen - The Type 34 Ghia
This beautiful Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia is a real eye catcher.


  1. Robb Northrup says

    Mike: During my visit to Monaco and Italy in 2008, I had the pleasure of spending a half day with designer Tom Tjaarda, an American who had spent his entire career in Torino, Italy. He graciously shared his portfolio with Milt Brown and me.

    Tom was the pen behind the Ferrari 330 2+2. Ferrari 365, and the Pininfarina Corvette Rondine (which became the basis for the Fiat 124 Spyder which was also designed by Tjaarda), among other cars.

    While he’s most famous over in the States for the de Tomaso Pantera, Tjaarda also did the Type 34 Karmann Ghia.

    He is a very talented, and sensitive, designer.


  2. Paul Peeters says

    Tjaarda worked for Ghia on the development of the Karmann Ghia 1500 (type 34), the design however was that of chief stylist Sergio Sartorelli.

  3. SKIP HINOJOS says


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